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Technical questions about Mopar builds, repairs, and anything else Mopar.

Drumdance Kid

I’m attempting my second-ever ground-up restoration, this one’s on a ’72 ’Cuda 340. One thing I’d really like to do right is the rear drum (11˝) brakes. I’ve seen guys display their rear brakes at shows with the wheel and drum off, and,

Hemis 1 and 3G

The other day, I saw a Charger, probably around a 2010 or so, with a “345 Hemi” badge. My old 1957 DeSoto Adventurer also had a 345 cubic inch Hemi—I am sure of this. How is this possible? First of all, that emblem you saw on the

Cam Shafted

I am told that ’68 340s used a dif- ferent cam than the later engines. What can you tell me about it First of all, your statement is about 25% right. How do I arrive at that number? Well, only the manual trans ’68s used a unique cam

Your Ass is Mass

I know you have written many times, especially in some of the write-ups on the One Lap Valiant, about how important cutting out weight is. Can you expand on this a bit more? I would think that adding more power could give the same

Wire Fire

I installed a stereo amp and electric fan in my ’73 Challenger which, combined, requires more juice from the alternator. I’ve installed a 130-amp alternator but wiring has me stumped. I would like to run 4 ga. wire from alternator to

Tow ‘N’ Slow

My 5.2L powered 1997 Ram pulls itself in OD at 70 MPH very well but the engine is loafing along at ~1750 RPM. Add a tall travel trailer and the 318 isn’t producing enough torque to keep a steady 70 MPH in OD (on flat road) at the 1750 RPM.

Get Your Bearings

I have six B-body rear axle shafts from two ’69s and one ’70 8¾˝ rears. They all look the same length but have different style bearings. The axles out of one ’69 rear ends have the Timken style bearings and the ’70 has the totally

Coked Up

I have been a Mopar Action reader since 1991, I absolutely love your tech and other articles. My daily driver is a 1972 Valiant which looks like the one Dennis Weaver drove in “Duel.” It is acting up, and it's driving me crazy. Here’s its

Power Down?

A friend of mine has a 1971 440 Magnum engine he is dyno testing. The engine has been bored over 20 thou. and has Keith Black hypereutectic pistons at 9.5 to 1 compression. The engine is using stock components—intake, exhaust, AVS carb

Heater, Cooler

What temp should the max heater outputbe? My car, an ’06 Magnum 3.5L,is slow to heat. The dealer has replacedthermostat 3x, flushed entire system, noimprovement. Chrysler tech services recommendedreplacement of radiator, heatercore, oil

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