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Technical questions about Mopar builds, repairs, and anything else Mopar.

Rad Rear

My uncle left me a 1967 Fury III, 440,4-speed. It has 107K and runs just fine.My question is about the rear end. It hasa cover plate like a Dana, Chevy, etc., butnobody around here can identify what isfor sure. There’s no problem with it

Castle Mopar

I was repacking the front wheel bearingson my 1964 Newport the other day, anda friend of mine, who has a GM car, washanging around my garage. He commentedabout the Newport’s system oflocking the front spindle nut, he says GMused a much


How time flies—finally getting aroundto doing a budget rebuild on a 5.9LMagnum. I’m following the Power up…Bucks down 5.9 (Feb 2014–October2014) article series to go in my ’72Swinger. Problem is Comp Cams techtold me they couldn’t use the

Bee Without Sting

I have a ‘69 Super Bee with a Proformelectronic ignition conversion kit in it.Recently the car will just die. It will startback up and run but on occasion dielike it loses all electricity. It started withthe tach bouncing all over the

Not Horny

I’m working on a 1960 New Yorker. Oneof the issues I’m having trouble with isgetting the horn to work properly. Contactwheel, relay wiring are all OK to thecolumn itself. As a matter of fact, whenyou take the turn signal switch fromthe

What’s The Diff?

What was the differential size(s) in hot1961-1964 Dodges and Plymouths—forexample, the Max Wedge cars? TheRamchargers always used 4.56 Sure-Grip rears, but the size was never mentioned.They all used the ubiquitous Chrysler built8.75˝ ring

Flickering Out

I think I’m having a ground or switchproblem on my ‘69 GTX. When I turn theheadlight or park light switch on, 30-40%of the time my dash lights are dim andmy directional lights on the dash and high beam lightsilluminate, not bright but

Slop Meet

I have a ’68 Coronet, 318, 72K. It is 100%original. The steering was very sloppy, Ifound that the pitman arm small-end nutwas loose allowing the stud to wobble.Tightening that helped a lot, and everythingelse underneath seems tight, butthe

Furryous Braking

My car is a 1967 Fury III convertible. Iwould like to know which would be thebest disc brake conversion kits to use toreplace the 9˝ manual drums? My fathergot the car new. I have 16˝ ARE rimsthat clear on the car from a 1970 ’CudaI was

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