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Technical questions about Mopar builds, repairs, and anything else Mopar.


I have a ’69 Road Runner with a worked 440 hooked to a beefed reverse manual valve body 727 and a 3.90 Sure-Grip 8¾˝ rear. It has a new Legendary black interior to go with the Viper red paint. This is primarily a street car that I

Catch Me if You Can

What is your opinion of PCV catch cans for modern Mopar musclecars? There is a lot of debate over at the Challengertalk forum. Many good pros and cons. I’m a cheap-ass so if I don’t really need one I’d like to know. Yeah, PCV pullover

Sealed With A Kiss

My 440 with aluminum heads has had a consistent problem with intake manifold gaskets leaking and sucking oil. I have tried gluing the paper six-pack gaskets on, all kinds of gasket sealer, and so on. I’m tired of taking this apart. Is

Rear Ended

I read in an online magazine than small block 1966–’70 B-bodies “almost always” came with the 8¼˝ rear end, and that big-blocks “came with 8¾˝. But I had a 1970 Charger 383 2-Bbl that had an 8¼˝ (I bought it new, leftover, in 1971), I also


My 1969 Coronet (base) needs a new horn switch. I am told there are two different switches, one for use with the horn ring, and one with the small center-cap button. I need the one for the button, but seem to find only the ones for the

Chipped Up

I have a question about paint colors. My 1970 Challenger is B5 blue, “Bright Blue Poly”. The fender tag calls it “EB5”. Now my buddy has a ’72 Dart, also B5, which the ’72 book also calls Bright Blue. His fender tag is missing, but he

Thrust Forward

I have a 1966 Barracuda that I put a 360 in. I read on a forum that one of the bolts that fastens the cam thrust plate is drilled thru to oil the timing chain. The 1966 Plymouth Factory Service Manual I have doesn’t talk about this that I

Boring Question

Recently I gave my brother a‘76 318 to put in his ‘64 Plymouth. Upontearing it down we found a huge gouge in acylinder wall. My question is: Can that blockbe bored completely out and have a set ofsleeves in the 4.00 to 4.20 range

Tell Me A Choke

I have a ‘68 Plymouth ‘Cuda I’m wondering what possible reasonsthere are for my engine running way better in warm weather (68° F and up) and crappy when it’s cold out (45° F in the morning).The engine is bone stock except I’m running a

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