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Mopar electrical questions submitted by our readers and answered by our technical editors.

Tune Up

I have recently purchasedan AM/FM radio with 8-track formy ’78 Plymouth Volaré SuperCoupe. I need to know wherethe wires go. I have a red forpower, then an orange for thelight. What I need is where theyellow, white, green, purple,and 2

Caravan Crisis

My sister has a 2006 Grand Caravan, sheis sure it needs a new turn signal switchand she had asked me to change it. Ido most stuff on my ‘66 Dart, but I don’twork much on newer cars, is it somethingI should attempt? The multifunction

Charged Down

I have upgraded my old points to anelectronic distributor with the ECU. Ihave also removed my generator andconverted to a 60-amp double fieldalternator and an electronic (transistorized)voltage regulator. But I am unclearhow I am supposed

Rammed and Switched

I have a 1999 Ram 2500 pickup, 2WD,automatic, 177K. It runs great and usesabout 1 quart of oil between changes,which I do religiously at 4,000 miles. Last month it developed someweird electrical problems. Sometimes,when I start it, a


I purchased an Ohmite potentiometer offeBay hoping I could check the gauges inmy ’69 Charger. The ad said it was a 250Ohm / 50W Rheostat unit. When I put mydigital multimeter on it, I see resistancefrom about 5 to 115 ohms. I’m not

Not Too Young To Smoke

I put in a replacement alternatorin my 1966 Newport, everythingwas good then some smoke around thefirewall near the regulator now no juice tothe ignition or anywhere. What did I fry?No visible sign of burnt wire.Best guess: Chinese

Wire Fire

I installed a stereo amp and electric fan in my ’73 Challenger which, combined, requires more juice from the alternator. I’ve installed a 130-amp alternator but wiring has me stumped. I would like to run 4 ga. wire from alternator to

Plumb My Wiring

I am trying to hook up a Holley fuel pump(electric) to my Charger (’70) and I haveplumbed it right, but their wiring instructionsare interesting but not too useful. I want tohook it up to a power source which runs onlywhen the engine is


The needles for my Fuel, Temp Amp and OilPressure Gauge in my ’69 Barracuda havestarted to swing back in forth about one graduation.Is this an indication that the voltage limiterin the fuel gauge is malfunctioning?Yes, the contacts are

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