(4)40 Lashes

I have a question that probably soundssimple to you, but I will ask anyway.I bought a ’68 440 HP engine for my ’68Coronet R/T and I am now on to dismantle it.My question is: How to adjust the valves on aMopar 440 engine?Yes, it is simple,

Small Engine Big Motor

I was recently given the opportunity to part out a 1981 Diplomat. The car was very rusty, and the engine was seized (the mighty leaning tower of power), but it had very low mileage (52K). All I could think of is the start- er and

Rear Geek

’71 Duster, 440. I need to change the gear ratio. 3000-3100 pounds, BB auto. It was an eighth-mile car (6.12:1 gears). Will now run ¼-mile (10.50s 10.70s)? 12.5:1, 440 methanol fuel, Comp cam 0.588 lift, 320/320º @ 0.50 283/283º 108º lobe

Federal Case

1968 GTX 440. What parts do I need to convert my Federal power steering pump to a Saginaw unit, so I can do the lower pressure thing for more road feel? Also how that can be done to the Federal pump? You seemed to blow doing that off to

Gas Vent

I have built a ’69½ Road Runner 440-6 clone. I’ve been fighting a fuel leak problem on my fuel tank for the last 2 years now and I just can’t understand what actually causes it. Here’s the problem: Every time I fill up the tank (hardly up


 My question has to do with the necessity of the use of a pinion snubber on my vehicle, a 1972 Scamp with a 360. Do I need to use it, or can I get away without the use of one? I have an 8¾˝ Sure Grip but will not be using the car at the

Hard Job

I am building a 470 stroker in a 400 low deck block for my 1969 Road Runner. I have a 440 forged crank that has been machined for this application but was never nitrited surface hardened. Is this a must do on a forged crank? Hmmm.

Speed Reader

I want to grease or lube the speedo cable on my ’87 Fifth Ave. Can you please tell me the best lube to use? I’ve heard graphite and I’ve heard white lithium but I’d like to hear it from the expert. The OEM stuff, Mopar P/N 4318078 (the

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