Imperial Pain

IMPERIAL PAINHi Rick, Hope you can help with afrustrating drivability problem with thegirlfriend’s 1972 Imperial, 440, all stock.After about 20 minutes of normal drivingit starts idling rough and then stalls. Itis then very hard to start,

Ticking Time Bomb

Just started a ’72 Coronet 318.It has been sitting for a number of years instorage. Sounds like it may have a lifter thathas not pumped up, tic,tic,tic… Any ideas?Add a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil andhold the revs at 2,000-2,500 rpm or so,

A Real Adventure

A REAL ADVENTUREI have been reading Mopar Action sincethe ’90s and I love your articles. I especiallylove your tech and restoration advice and Iabsolutely love your sense of humor. You,sir, are a wealth of information and I knowyou will be

Needs Release

Previiously, you had addressed a reader’squestion on disc-to-plate clearance for adiaphragm clutch to be set at 0.030˝ withthe clutch released. Why would there beany gap if the clutch is released? Wouldthe disc not be required to be mated


I just picked up a 1967 CoronetDeluxe wagon, 383-4-Bbl. It has nothird row seat. Any idea how manywere built?I know it has no third row…allDeluxes, all body styles, were 6-passengeronly.The answer: Ten! Pretty rare piece.My best guess is

Saggy Cylinders

I’ve purchased a ’72 Barracuda wherethe 318 was replaced with a 440. I did notnotice originally, but the engine appears tobe low, in that the tie rod is lightly contactingthe bottom of the oil pan, and the lowerradiator hose is resting on

Mod Squad

I own a 1970 Barracuda with the ModTop, I bought this car in 2014. I am toldthat there are stickers that should goinside the side windows that say “ModTop.” Where do these go, exactly?See the diagram below. The stickersare placed

The Wanderer

I finally got thechance to complete the ’73knuckle disc conversion on my’66 Chrysler. The calipers areinstalled rear-hung, as OEM.The good news is brakes work.The main reason for thisquestion is to ask you aboutsteering sensitivity. I

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