Power Down?

A friend of mine has a 1971 440 Magnum engine he is dyno testing. The engine has been bored over 20 thou. and has Keith Black hypereutectic pistons at 9.5 to 1 compression. The engine is using stock components—intake, exhaust, AVS carb

Heater, Cooler

What temp should the max heater outputbe? My car, an ’06 Magnum 3.5L,is slow to heat. The dealer has replacedthermostat 3x, flushed entire system, noimprovement. Chrysler tech services recommendedreplacement of radiator, heatercore, oil

Cool Dude

This may help others with similar type“street” cars. Basic car: ’66 Satellite,505 cubes, (689 HP/675 lbs/ft, tricked 727,4.10s, tubbed, tied, caged, etc.). There is noheater core or for that matter even a box.Electric water pump and fan.


On AAR /T/A E‑bodies: Do you know the effective steering ratio on those cars with the longer Pitman and idler arms used to get “fast ratio” power steering? The standard Mopar power steering ratio of those years was 15.7:1. The faster ratio


I have been running my 1970 Duster 340,which now has a solid cam, pretty hard lately(it sat for 7 years and I guess I’m trying to makeup for that.) Unfortunately, I was winding thirdgear tight last night, and I noticed a bit of

Grease Your Brakes?

Just a quick follow up on the recent questionabout silicone brake fluid. I recallyou mentioning packing calipers and wheelcylinders with silicone grease as well, doyou have a recommendation on which touse? I use the Permatex lubes in my

Roadside Retch

I got stuck the other dayin a torrential downpour, with my ’99Ram 1500, 5.2L, 140K. It turned out to be abad ignition coil. Is there any way to predictfailure of electrical parts like this, or any recommendedpre-emptive change

Plumb My Wiring

I am trying to hook up a Holley fuel pump(electric) to my Charger (’70) and I haveplumbed it right, but their wiring instructionsare interesting but not too useful. I want tohook it up to a power source which runs onlywhen the engine is


The needles for my Fuel, Temp Amp and OilPressure Gauge in my ’69 Barracuda havestarted to swing back in forth about one graduation.Is this an indication that the voltage limiterin the fuel gauge is malfunctioning?Yes, the contacts are

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