Power To The People

Would you be kind enough to definehorsepower? For example: Brake,developed, SAE or “Advertised.” In manyof the older Mopars, we see anywhere from101 and on up to as much as 425. Now wehave cars with as much as 700 plus. Is thatactual or

Strut Your Stuff

I am asking about front suspensiongeometry.Because the strut arc travels in adifferent plane than the LCA arc, the strutwill pull the LCA bottom forward when theLCA moves up and down from rest (if thestrut length is adjusted for neutral


1968 Plymouth GTX, 440. Lost myoriginal gas cap and need to replace it. Isit a vented or non vented cap? I do knowI have a return line and a overflow hosethat leaks gas after I fill up and drive.After a few miles. I release the pressurein

Lights Out?

I am trying to figure out if I can have theparking lights on the same time as theheadlights on my ’64 Fury. Looking at theschematic and checking continuity at theswitch it seems like the switch is suchthat you cannot simply add a jumper

Torqueright Trans

What is the torque rating for an A8334-speed?There is not, and never was, a publishedspecification. The lead engineer on theA833, Octie Ham, told me personally thatthey used the old engineering principle:Test until something breaks, then

Rod Ripout

I’m replacing the master cylinder ina 4drum manual brake ’69 Charger.I can’t seem to figure how to releasethe pedal push rod. I believe thereis some rubber retainer involved butnot sure where it is exactly or howto release it.Easy. With

Stuck Signals

1974 Dodge Challenger. Today all turn signalsstop working just a steady light bothsides no blinking left and right. Four-wayflashers work fine and all other lightswork including back up lights? Anyideas?Bad turn signal flasher (under

Gear Goo To Go

What gear oil do you recommend for aSure Grip rear? In the old days we addeda pint of the hypoid to the regular 80W90as I recall, but where to get it now? Or isthere a better solution? Virtually any gear oil sold today isformulated for

In The Lurch

I just inherited my granddad’s 1969 DodgeDart, it has a small V8 engine and threespeed floor shift. The first time I went tostart it, I guess it was in gear, becauseit lurched forward and I almost wentthrough the garage door. I assume

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