Darting Around

A fellow in my neighborhood says hisfather, now 71 years old, and in a nursinghome with Alzheimer’s disease, has a’66 Dart that he bought new back in the day.He says his father told him it was a specialmodel built for drag racing only. I

Me And Matty McGhee

I am a 17‑year‑old diehard Mopar/Jeep/AMC/Kaiser buff who discovered a pink1950s Mopar that I thought was a 1955‑56Chrysler 300 back in the late 1990s. Ilater found out that it was an early‑modelImperial. I illegally entered the

Make A Move

I will soon be sending my restored 1970 383Road Runner from Virginia to California. Ihave never done this before and all I seemto hear are horror stories, including one youanswered recently in Mopar Action about acar that arrived wet

Stripped Down And Locked Up

I ’m a little confused about the goodwindshield gasket for my ’67 Dart, when Iremoved the non-stock molding, the gasketlooked like the 2-piece lip (to take thewindshield off) had been cut by the guy thatpainted the car. Now I want to buy a


SURVIVOR?I recently bought a ’66Plymouth Satellite from theoriginal owner. I found this carin Old Cars Weekly News &Marketplace for $500. It’s beensitting in a garage since 1967so it looks really nice but it hasa couple of good sized

Rotisserie Resto

I’ve seenthose rotisseries that areused to turn the car for easyaccess during a restoration.But I’m only doing one car, my’65 Coronet 500, and I don’twant to spend all that moneyon something I’ll use once. Anyideas or suggestions for a

Logo Logic

I’ve seena design on some oldChrysler parts boxes (seebelow). What does it standfor? It is read D-P-C-P-D,and simply means “Dodge,Plymouth, Chrysler, DeSotoparts”. It was used officially onretail boxes from 1933-’36 only,but continued

Showing His Stripes

In your huge libraryof illustrations and graphics,I’m wondering ifyou might have details andmeasurements for the hood/roof/trunk lidstripes for a ’66 Barracuda.I assume they were painted on(rather than decals, correct?) Iwant to paint

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