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I am painting my 1971 Satellite Sebring.
There is a sticker on the rear edge of the
door with the VIN. The body shop says
this will be impossible to remove and
replace without damage, they want to
mask it. It isn’t in great condition anyway.
Any suggestions?

As you probably aware, staring with 1970
models (September, 1969), the Federal
(US) certification label is imprinted with
the VIN, making them as unique as the
dash-mounted VIN tag. Once the car was
delivered to the original purchaser, no law
that I am aware of requires it to be present,
although it is another “point” proving
the car’s authenticity.
Luckily, ECS in Chesterfield, MO,
makes absolutely flawless reproductions,
virtually indistinguishable from the originals.
On the web, go to for
ordering info, turnaround is quick.

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