Gear Head

We showed you how to tune your engine. Now your drivetraingoes under our microscope for more speed(s) for your steed.STORY & PHOTOS By Richard Ehrenberg, SAE NOTE: THIS ARTICLE IS FOR IDENTIFIACTION, REFERENCE AND HISTORICAL

Get Your Bearings

I have six B-body rear axle shafts from two ’69s and one ’70 8¾˝ rears. They all look the same length but have different style bearings. The axles out of one ’69 rear ends have the Timken style bearings and the ’70 has the totally

Pattern Maker

I contacted you a few years ago about a noisy 741 pig I built using well used components. I swapped it out and I am finally getting back to the project for my 1966 Belvedere II. My first attempt had the pinion too far away so I tried

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