Lead Astray

E-Booger, 1991 D-150, 318. My batteryrecently died. After running a new one forseveral days, my truck won’t crank. I hookup the battery and I get buzzer, lights, horn,etc. but when I turn key to start I get onlya click, then all is dead.

Pumped Up

PUMPED UPI can’t recall this ever being a topic, techor otherwise: when did the octane ratingsof gasoline change from MON to the AKI(R+M/2 formula) in the U.S.? I understandthat the “R+M” rating gives up 5 points vs.the MON rating (i.e.

Trannys Down Under

I have some TorqueFlitetransmission numbers I needinfo on. I think the first two are1976-77, they are stamped Last transmission no.is H2 538334.4028424 is a low-RPM-governor’76-’77 727B. Perfectlygood unit if you simply swapin a high rev

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