Wiped Out

Can you tell me if thewiper motor from a 1970 Dodge Charger(3-speed) could be used temporarily ona 1967 Dodge Coronet (original variablespeed) without modification? I am tryingto finally get my Coronet to the MoparNationals but found the

Lends Lens

I have finished by ’64 Plymouthafter almost a decade.Problem: The taillight lensesand bezels are borrowed,because I could not find anythat I could afford. Please tellme that someone will be doingquality reproductions soon,because I have to


Mr. Richard, I have seen some of the factory blueprints you have printed before in Mopar Action. Would you have one that shows exactly where the Super Bee decal goes on the trunk of my ’71 Charger?Sure do, see below. This factory graphic

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