Rad Rear

My uncle left me a 1967 Fury III, 440,4-speed. It has 107K and runs just fine.My question is about the rear end. It hasa cover plate like a Dana, Chevy, etc., butnobody around here can identify what isfor sure. There’s no problem with it

Castle Mopar

I was repacking the front wheel bearingson my 1964 Newport the other day, anda friend of mine, who has a GM car, washanging around my garage. He commentedabout the Newport’s system oflocking the front spindle nut, he says GMused a much


How time flies—finally getting aroundto doing a budget rebuild on a 5.9LMagnum. I’m following the Power up…Bucks down 5.9 (Feb 2014–October2014) article series to go in my ’72Swinger. Problem is Comp Cams techtold me they couldn’t use the

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