The Art of Driving

Highlights of an exceptional collection of cars at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. By Bill Woods Photos by TheBruntBros. 1928 Chrysler Model LeMans Race Car (replica) The auto industry adage about the sales effect of racing

Don’t Go Near The Water

A very special 1958 Dodge Power Wagon for a very special Mo’fan. By Cliff Gromer Photos by Paul Stenquist 1958 Dodge Power Wagon rides on a custom-built frame with a driveline (trans back) from an 1986 Dodge Ramcharger 4x4.

Brawl in the Family

Coolest car wars pits son’s twice made-over ’Cuda against Dad’s Road Runner. By Al Dente Photos by TheBruntBros Second time around, the 1974 ’Cuda went from Rally red to Purple Rhapsody. AAR hood is a carryover from the first

Racin’ Richard

Musician Jeramy Gritter a/k/a “Beardo” found his ’72 Dodge Demon in the boondocks with nothing but problems. Being a musician first and a car guy second, Beardo recruited his girlfriend’s dad and car buddy, Paul Kenny, to help him fix

Demons Never Die

Mark Arsen calls his 2013 3.6L Dodge Avenger (Blacktop Edition), the “Demon 290” as a homage to the great Dodge Dart Demons of the early 1970s and a reference to the 4-cam Pentastar V6's output. He had the dealer install the Mopar CAI

King of Darts

A 2008 Chrysler 300 in a 1970 Dart wrapper. By Al Dente Photos by TheBruntBros 1970 Dart shell covers a complete ’08 Chrysler 300C chassis, drivetrain and interior. David Copperfield couldn’t have ulled off a trick slicker than

The Beinekes at Bonneville

By Gary Beineke ( Pam Beineke ran the fastest time of the Wingnutz duo. Gary didn’t have a chance to best her when engine problems shut him down. Guess who washes the dishes now? BONNEVILLE—SEPTEMBER 12, 1971:Harry

So You Wanna Buy A Car

Ralph C. Craig had the hots for a ’69 440-6 Super Bee, similar to one like this, on eBay. But he’d be setting himself up for some domestic issues. The 440-6 Super Bee on eBay looks like a steal at $30K. And if you wife was a Mo’girl

Daily Driver

This ’62 Valiant rises to new heights of insanity with a too-tall blown 605-inch Hemi. Story • AL DENTE + Photos • TheBRUNTBros The Hemi’s snorkel intake is good insurance against the dam breaking, the creek rising and any other epic

Seven Seconds To Glory

  Geoff Turk’s Blackbird leads the pack of America’s fastest stockers with record times in Florida and Georgia. Story & Photos • GEOFF STUNKARD THE MARGINS OF VICTORY in drag racing can be measured in thousandths of a

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