Shock Stock

A '68 Hemi Dart Tribute that stands out from the crowd of all the others out there. By Al Dente Photos by TheBruntBros Hemi Dart clone started out as an Arizona rust-freebase model 270, just like the real ones.Original motor was

Fun Bird

Mike Berglund, from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, bought this ’77 Volare Road Runner from his paint rep’s girlfriend when he was 19 because it was painted Panther Pink at the time. He made several half- hearted attempts at customizing the car

The Last Ride

James Edelmann, is 75. But he doesn’t rely on a cane orwheelchair to get around Rice, Texas. No sir! James fries ricewith his factory 440 ’76 D100 pick-’em-up. He’s owned the trucksince 1990, and he shows his tailgate to the younger

Budget Brick

With some 375 ponies in harness, this Valiant has no trouble blowing away the skinny tires. A 4-door, set up with a high center of gravity, this is more a straight-line budget bashe Alan Harper is our kind of guy. Cheap! Not only is he