Reference Run-Around

I was lookingat getting copies of thoseschematics (engineering diagrams)for different systemsyou print from time to time fora 1969 ’Cuda 440 notchbackthat I am trying to do a highlevel restoration on. What otherreferences are out there

Ready For Freddie

Freddie Kruger stopped the show at Musclecars at the Strip. He's a real ZMopar guy. Freddie Kruger from Elm Street showed up at the Musclecars aat the Strip show in Las vegas in a 2019 Hellcat Redeye that he had borrowed from Kathy

Ice Men

Chrysler Powertrain engineers plot the future of Mopar’s internal combustion engines (ICE) with a multi-fuel, MultiAir research project. Diesel fuel/gasoline cocktail anyone? By Lindsay Brooke

Wire Fry

I have an unmolested’75 Royal Monaco, 400 CID,46K. The sparkplug wires forcylinders 5 through 8 seem differentthan the front cylinders,but I see no evidence that theyaren’t original. What’s going on?Good eye! The rear fourcylinders, only,

Lord Of The Wings

Tony D’Agostino’s magnificently restored multi-Gold-scoring ’69 Daytona boasts themost authentically correct parts of any restored ’69 Daytona on the planet. By Cliff Gromer Photos by Paul Stenquist Only three white

The Big Squeeze

It doesn’t get much tighter than stuffing a 6.1 Hemi into a ’71 Demon. By Jim Koscs Photos by TheBruntBros ’71 Demon is stunning fresh from arotisserie restoration. Car was paintedbefore the 6.1 Hemi was installed.Body was

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