1968 Plymouth GTX, 440. Lost myoriginal gas cap and need to replace it. Isit a vented or non vented cap? I do knowI have a return line and a overflow hosethat leaks gas after I fill up and drive.After a few miles. I release the pressurein

Lights Out?

I am trying to figure out if I can have theparking lights on the same time as theheadlights on my ’64 Fury. Looking at theschematic and checking continuity at theswitch it seems like the switch is suchthat you cannot simply add a jumper

Torqueright Trans

What is the torque rating for an A8334-speed?There is not, and never was, a publishedspecification. The lead engineer on theA833, Octie Ham, told me personally thatthey used the old engineering principle:Test until something breaks, then

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