Shocking Development

I have a 1967 273-2 Dart with 22,000 miles, a true survivor—of sorts. While there is minimal rust, the paint is very poor. The car ran great, though, except for some minor leaks (timing cover, transmission yoke). My plan, which I have

Honey, I’m Home

Ralph C. Craig from Wakuesha, Wisconsin  doesn't waste the time it takes to park in the driveway and walk to the front door, fish for his keys, unlock the door and open it. Then walk all the way to the kitchen to sit down for

‘Cuda Been Truckin’

Over the years, I have seen original 1969Barracuda Formula S’ truck finish panelsrise in price from several hundred dollarsto over $2300 at swap meets like Carlisle.Metro Parts Co. advertises their “All new”Finish Panel for $465. Have you

Wiped Out

Can you tell me if thewiper motor from a 1970 Dodge Charger(3-speed) could be used temporarily ona 1967 Dodge Coronet (original variablespeed) without modification? I am tryingto finally get my Coronet to the MoparNationals but found the


At last! The classic confrontation--413 Super Stock Dodge vs. 327 fuel-injected Sting Ray. By Cliff Gromer Photos by TheBruntBros A lot of folks at the shootout didn't know what a Super Stock was and equated the Mopar with

Lends Lens

I have finished by ’64 Plymouthafter almost a decade.Problem: The taillight lensesand bezels are borrowed,because I could not find anythat I could afford. Please tellme that someone will be doingquality reproductions soon,because I have to

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