Winter Wonders

I didn’t have the time to getmy new crate 408 LA into my truck. As it issalt season here it probably won’t go in untillate April. It hasn’t run since early July whenit was broken in and dynoed. What do yousuggest to winterize it? And

Fine Corinthian Clutch

Am I on my own for coming up with aclutch pedal for a retrofit of an A833 or aTKO into my 400 CID ’76 Cordoba, or perhapsa ’74 B-body setup might fit? Wishfulthinking here. Of course I’d be goinghydraulic.’73-’79 B-bodies are all the

Bare Knuckles

I have an SSBC front disk brake kitP/N W153 for A-body w/ 10˝ brakes. Ihave a 1964 Dart GT w/ 9˝ brakes. I needto change the spindles to ones from anA-body w/ 10˝ for the kit to work. Havinghard time finding them. Do you know if

Pump Pickle

Mr. Ehrenberg, I am trying to change thefuel pump on my dead grandfather’s 1964Dodge 880. I took the old pump off with noproblem, but I can’t get the new pump intoplace, there seems to be something blockingit. What am I missing? Man,

Lead Astray

E-Booger, 1991 D-150, 318. My batteryrecently died. After running a new one forseveral days, my truck won’t crank. I hookup the battery and I get buzzer, lights, horn,etc. but when I turn key to start I get onlya click, then all is dead.

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