Hot Wheels?

I just bought a 2000 B2500318 van, it has 16 x 6.5 eight lugstock steal wheels. Do youknow if 16 x 8˝ wheels withsay 245-75/16s will fit on thisvan? It is a great truck but thestock wheels seem kinda small. Steal wheels, huh? Those are

It’s A Wrap

II was readingyour articleon the 400+HP 5.9L last nightand your comment about tryingto get rid of the power steeringpump sparked a memoryfor me. I saw a drag truck inSeattle many years ago thatI snapped pictures of, and Iremembered that

Pump It Backwards

I have a 1968 Barracuda, base,273 2-Bbl. Someone swapped it to a ’72 I want to restore it to dead stock, andI do have the original engine, and I founda radiator for use with the cast-iron waterpump. Can I use the alternator


I’m restoring a ’72 Plymouth Duster 340that I bought new. What color is the powersteering gear box from the factory? Is naturalcast or painted black?Bare cast iron. Some guys will satin-clearcoat it to retain close to OEM appearanceyet

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