Nut Job

I just scored a 1966 ’Cuda Formula S. Thisis my first Mopar, and, actually my firstclassic car. My question is about the hubcaps.They each have five holes that line upwith the nuts that can been seen behind theholes. It looks stupid. I

Line Me Up

I am working on a ’68 Polara, 440 Magnum.Someone changed all the fuel linesto rubber. I have been told that the linesinto the filter, from the pump, are thesame as on AVS-equipped B-bodies (thiscar came with a Holley, as I am sure

2025 RAM 1500

2025 Ram 1500 Ramcharger New 2025 Ram 1500 offers all-new, more powerful and more efficient 3.0-liter Hurricane and 3.0-liter Hurricane High Output (H/O) Straight-Six Turbo (SST) enginesRam Truck will offer customers a complete

Sticker To Me

I am painting my 1971 Satellite Sebring.There is a sticker on the rear edge of thedoor with the VIN. The body shop saysthis will be impossible to remove andreplace without damage, they want tomask it. It isn’t in great condition anyway.Any

Rad Rear

My uncle left me a 1967 Fury III, 440,4-speed. It has 107K and runs just fine.My question is about the rear end. It hasa cover plate like a Dana, Chevy, etc., butnobody around here can identify what isfor sure. There’s no problem with it

Castle Mopar

I was repacking the front wheel bearingson my 1964 Newport the other day, anda friend of mine, who has a GM car, washanging around my garage. He commentedabout the Newport’s system oflocking the front spindle nut, he says GMused a much

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