Tronix Tricks

I have heard pros and cons about thePertronix kit to change old Mopar distributorsover to electronic. I like the ideathat it is all hidden.What sayeth the old master?Well, it is better than breaker points in thatthe sparking, arcing,

No Whine Before It’s Time

I just bought a 1966 Barracuda, 273 twobarrel.It is my second Mopar and the firstfor me with a four-speed transmission,and that’s what I want to ask you about.It shifts fine except, sometimes, it ishard to shift into reverse, although itis

Lugging Around

I I bought a 1970 Dodge Dart a few monthsback, it is, as far as I know, totally stock,with a Slant-Six and 73,400 miles. It is abase 4-door sedan, very clean, a real littleold lady car. I’m really enjoying it.I took it to the local tire

A Real Kick In The…

Can you tell by looking at an A727 valvebody whether or not it has part-throttlekickdown? I really like that feature, I haveattached a photo.Yes, I can tell, and yes, the photo yousent shows the PTKD throttle valve. I havemarked up your

VIN-Tag–You’re It!

Will the highest VIN Dynasty please stand up. Today it’s some of the resto-flip companies that crack me up. Here’s an example; It starts out with Tony Balducci discovering a 1993 Dodge Dynasty. These cars, as you know are highly

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