Stroked and Poked

Previously, you had answered a question on smallblock stokers and mentionedrunning a 4.080˝ bore / 3.79˝ stroke engine for a long time. I have been thinking aboutthis combination as a replacement for the 318 in my ’72 Satellite Sebring

Piston Picking

Can I get your opinion on an item? Thephenolic brake caliper pistons—Raybestoshas these. It seems to me that thesewould be insulating in nature. Is it betterto have an insulator between the pad andthe caliper or is it better to have a

Not Too Young To Smoke

I put in a replacement alternatorin my 1966 Newport, everythingwas good then some smoke around thefirewall near the regulator now no juice tothe ignition or anywhere. What did I fry?No visible sign of burnt wire.Best guess: Chinese

Braking Down

. I have been threatening to finallydo a front brake disc conversion on my1970 Road Runner. It is a manual drumbrake, manual steering, 4-speed car. Ihave been thinking about getting one ofthe great conversion kits out there, but Iam

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