Budget Brick

With some 375 ponies in harness, this Valiant has no trouble blowing away the skinny tires. A 4-door, set up with a high center of gravity, this is more a straight-line budget bashe Alan Harper is our kind of guy. Cheap! Not only is he

C-Body Stub Frame Swap

I have been searching around for tech info on how to change out the sub frame on my ’66 Polara 880 (318 Poly), but it seems pretty elusive. I have been told it is a pretty easy thing to do but no one has recorded this. Any help would be

Fan Plan

The 318 engine in my ’69 Barracuda coupe did not come with a thermal fan clutch. Would this be a simple installation? —Ed Williams, Las Vegas, NV Ed— Sure, the drive just bolts on, with the appropriate blade assembly. If you currently have

About Time

Joe Sharkey has owned this ’67 Barracuda for 27 years. The engine is a 1956 or 1957 354 ci Chrysler Hemi. Joe was 13 years old when his father let him buy an old dragster for $50.00. During the next 50 years it all went away but he

Whizzer of Oz

Glenn Huxley, from Wodonga, Victoria, Australia says he loves our mag but it’s a bit price at 18 bucks a copy what with the Aussie exchange rate (that’s nothing compared to the black market price in N. Korea). Glenn’s hometown hosts

Lotsa Loch

Mike Loch picked up this 2010 Challenger SRT with 330 miles off a dealer’s lot when the previous buyer decided he wanted an ’11 model with the 392 before this special order Challenger arrived at the dealership. That was just fine

Caravan Steering Rack

2003 Dodge Caravan. The steering rack is leaking. My book doesn't show a piece by piece of the rack. What is needed and how to I seal that thing up? Ken Melhorn Louisville, KY Ken- If the inner tie rod boot is leaking, that's


What do you think will help my ‘73 340 get the max life on the street, on a budget, a flat hydraulic, or a flat solid? Any thoughts on oil system mods, oil, oil filters? Some say more lifter rotation is better—hydraulic. But I think the