Rear Geek

’71 Duster, 440. I need to change the gear ratio. 3000-3100 pounds, BB auto. It was an eighth-mile car (6.12:1 gears). Will now run ¼-mile (10.50s 10.70s)? 12.5:1, 440 methanol fuel, Comp cam 0.588 lift, 320/320º @ 0.50 283/283º 108º lobe

Federal Case

1968 GTX 440. What parts do I need to convert my Federal power steering pump to a Saginaw unit, so I can do the lower pressure thing for more road feel? Also how that can be done to the Federal pump? You seemed to blow doing that off to

Gas Vent

I have built a ’69½ Road Runner 440-6 clone. I’ve been fighting a fuel leak problem on my fuel tank for the last 2 years now and I just can’t understand what actually causes it. Here’s the problem: Every time I fill up the tank (hardly up

Monzter Mash

This PT dances to a different tune with a 426 Hemi under the hood. Story & photos by Cliff Gromer 2001 Limited Edition PT Cruiser really is a limited edition—the only one we know packing a 426 Hemi. Wide body package, custom

Where’s The Beuf?

For Don Lebeuf, the dream was a 1970Charger. And part of that dream wasrestoring the car rather than buying onedone. Don found the perfect candidatein August 2002—a 1970 Charger R/Tin Wisconsin. The car was a factory EV2Hemi Orange

Marriage Maker—Or Breaker?

Ya gotta start someplace. And for 18-year-old Josh Adkins, hisstarting point is a ’68 318 Coronet that he found in Denver, CO. Hesays it’s blue and we’ll have to take his word for it. The Cheyenne, WYnative is currently serving in the

Exner’s Last Stand

1963 Chrysler 300-J—the rarest of all the 300 Letter cars. story and photos by Cliff Gromer The 300-J essentially was a ressed-up and beefed-up New Yorker with standard leather interior and special trim. Unique or Chrysler in ’63

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