King of Darts

A 2008 Chrysler 300 in a 1970 Dart wrapper. By Al Dente Photos by TheBruntBros 1970 Dart shell covers a complete ’08 Chrysler 300C chassis, drivetrain and interior. David Copperfield couldn’t have ulled off a trick slicker than

Dippy Doo

I am considering swapping a 318 Magnum motor out of a 1996 Dodge truck in place of my ’79 Diplomat’s tired 318 LA. I need to know if the transmission will bolt up and if the motor mounts and oil pan will transfer from the LA to the Magnum.


I have a ’69 Road Runner with a worked 440 hooked to a beefed reverse manual valve body 727 and a 3.90 Sure-Grip 8¾˝ rear. It has a new Legendary black interior to go with the Viper red paint. This is primarily a street car that I

Catch Me if You Can

What is your opinion of PCV catch cans for modern Mopar musclecars? There is a lot of debate over at the Challengertalk forum. Many good pros and cons. I’m a cheap-ass so if I don’t really need one I’d like to know. Yeah, PCV pullover

The Beinekes at Bonneville

By Gary Beineke ( Pam Beineke ran the fastest time of the Wingnutz duo. Gary didn’t have a chance to best her when engine problems shut him down. Guess who washes the dishes now? BONNEVILLE—SEPTEMBER 12, 1971:Harry


Here’s one for all you readers who complain about all the “show car” Mopes we feature in our mag. This one is real-world—it’s Mike Saunders’ barn find 225 slant-six ’67 Dart GT convertible. Mike and his son Stephen dragged it home back

Home On Wheels

Now here’s a Mopar fanatic the likes of which we’ve never seen before. Steve Makinson, from Sweet Home, OR, tells us he bought his ’70 340 Hemi Orange Challenger with the A66 340 Performance Package back in 1972 for $2100. The clock

Sealed With A Kiss

My 440 with aluminum heads has had a consistent problem with intake manifold gaskets leaking and sucking oil. I have tried gluing the paper six-pack gaskets on, all kinds of gasket sealer, and so on. I’m tired of taking this apart. Is

So You Wanna Buy A Car

Ralph C. Craig had the hots for a ’69 440-6 Super Bee, similar to one like this, on eBay. But he’d be setting himself up for some domestic issues. The 440-6 Super Bee on eBay looks like a steal at $30K. And if you wife was a Mo’girl

Daily Driver

This ’62 Valiant rises to new heights of insanity with a too-tall blown 605-inch Hemi. Story • AL DENTE + Photos • TheBRUNTBros The Hemi’s snorkel intake is good insurance against the dam breaking, the creek rising and any other epic