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Mopar engine and performance questions submitted by our readers and answered by our technical editors.

Fan Plan

I'm wondering if you could providesome guidance? I am installing a 2998328fan shroud in my 1973 Challenger witha 440. I’ve been using the HD clutch fansuccessfully for years but with the shroudinstalled I have about ¼" clearance from

Shrouded In Mystery

Will a fan shroud from an ’85 Dodgetruck with a slant-6 and a 4-speed fit my’85 truck which came from the factory witha 318 and a 4-speed? My truck has the 22”radiator (2 row?). I found this shroud oneBay but I’m scared to purchase it for

Diesel Wannabe

Hi Rick, ’74 Challenger. I’m running a440 with 4-Bbl, dual-plane intake, Eddieheads, TTi headers, 3" exhaust, and a0.509” purple-shaft in some really hot summerweather right now. I have replaced my180-degree thermostat with a 190 and

Hot Stuff

What is the reason for the new 5.7 literHemi R/T engine having 14.5 quartcapacity cooling systems and using a203°F thermostat? The capacity seemstoo small for an advertised 370 HPengine. The 203°F thermostat keeps theengine close to the

Cracked Up

I disassembled my 318 Magnum andfound this on the rear main , is this a casting flaw or didsomething bad happen? I know it has asmall hole, but I have never seen a rearmain with a hole that big, is it safe toreuse? Reader Magni found

Stroked and Poked

Previously, you had answered a question on smallblock stokers and mentionedrunning a 4.080˝ bore / 3.79˝ stroke engine for a long time. I have been thinking aboutthis combination as a replacement for the 318 in my ’72 Satellite Sebring

Coked Up

I have been a Mopar Action reader since 1991, I absolutely love your tech and other articles. My daily driver is a 1972 Valiant which looks like the one Dennis Weaver drove in “Duel.” It is acting up, and it's driving me crazy. Here’s its

Cool Dude

This may help others with similar type“street” cars. Basic car: ’66 Satellite,505 cubes, (689 HP/675 lbs/ft, tricked 727,4.10s, tubbed, tied, caged, etc.). There is noheater core or for that matter even a box.Electric water pump and fan.

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