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Mopar engine and performance questions submitted by our readers and answered by our technical editors.

Brain Drain

What’s the best way to flush a cooling system at home? In my case, I’m not talking a system that looks like a chocolate shake, just something that’s been neglected in recent years. Engine is a stock ’77 440 in my ’73 Satellite wagon. I

On The Block

I recently bought a basket case ’68 Charger. I have been putting it back together with the help of my friends Allen Brady and Scott Zimmerman; without these two guys this car would be years sitting while I figure out where all the pieces

Sick Six

I rebuilt my ’70 T/A’s 340 Six-Pack engine a while ago, and it’s never run right. Everything is stock, except the cam is a purple shaft 0.484˝/284°. I've put about 2000 unhappy miles on the thing thus far. The carbs were rebuilt, but the

Port Power

I would like to know if there will be any benefit to port matching my headers to the exhaust ports of my ’73 Challenger’s 360? There is a big stepup. Here’s the engine specs: fresh mild 360 with Erson Hi Flo cam (2700‑5800) and heavier

New Twin Turbo I-6

Stellantis unveiled its new 3.0-liter Hurricane Twin-Turbo inline six-cylinder engine that delivers better fuel economy and fewer emissions than larger engines while at the same time generates more horsepower and torque than many naturally

Neon Nightmare

The head gasket blew on my '97 Neon twin cam engine). I replaced it, usingone of those new layered-steel gaskets. Ialso had the head shaved a few thousandthsat a local machine shop. I have the book andthe instructions that came with

Dart By Degrees

After many years of searching through bookstores for your magazine, my wife finally bought me a subscription. I kind of miss the bookstore.I have a 1963 Dodge Dart GT Convertible which is in very nice shape. It has a 225 slant six, and I

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