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Mopar engine and performance questions submitted by our readers and answered by our technical editors.

Coked Up

I have been a Mopar Action reader since 1991, I absolutely love your tech and other articles. My daily driver is a 1972 Valiant which looks like the one Dennis Weaver drove in “Duel.” It is acting up, and it's driving me crazy. Here’s its

Cool Dude

This may help others with similar type“street” cars. Basic car: ’66 Satellite,505 cubes, (689 HP/675 lbs/ft, tricked 727,4.10s, tubbed, tied, caged, etc.). There is noheater core or for that matter even a box.Electric water pump and fan.


I have been running my 1970 Duster 340,which now has a solid cam, pretty hard lately(it sat for 7 years and I guess I’m trying to makeup for that.) Unfortunately, I was winding thirdgear tight last night, and I noticed a bit of

Plug Time

In a V8 Mopar with aluminum heads and aMopar Orange ECU, what is the interval ofchanging spark plugs, now that we all run onunleaded? It used to be 10,000 or so, but thatwas with points and leaded gas. Most of themileage is highway. I have

In Lieu Of Lube

Do you pre-oil Moparhydraulic lifters beforeinstallation? I mean, filling thelifter itself with oil? I am sure Iread in the M.P. Engine Manualnot to do that as it could causepiston damage. Correct. Do not pre‑oil them(except for obvious

A Mileage Melee

A friend of mine bought a used ’95 Ram pickup with the 5.9L Cummins turbo diesel. He’s getting almost 3 MPG better than my new 2010 5.7L Hemi Ram, even though mine has the MDS . I say this is because the diesel has a much higher

In Lieu Of Lube

Rick, do you pre-oil Mopar hydraulic lifters before installation? I mean, filling the lifter itself with oil? I am sure I read in the M.P. Engine Manual not to do that as it could cause piston damage. What’s the score, E’Berg?Correct. Do

Sealed With A Kiss

My 440 with aluminum heads has had a consistent problem with intake manifold gaskets leaking and sucking oil. I have tried gluing the paper six-pack gaskets on, all kinds of gasket sealer, and so on. I’m tired of taking this apart. Is

Boring Question

Recently I gave my brother a‘76 318 to put in his ‘64 Plymouth. Upontearing it down we found a huge gouge in acylinder wall. My question is: Can that blockbe bored completely out and have a set ofsleeves in the 4.00 to 4.20 range

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