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Mopar engine and performance questions submitted by our readers and answered by our technical editors.

Car Tunes

I ’m helping my son finish dropping a 440 in his Dart Sport. New everything. All is great, except for little vacuum. We used a MP aluminum manifold—P4529118, and a MP cam P4120235 with 284° duration and 0484˝ lift. Vacuum at idle is around

In Lieu Of Lube

Do you pre-oil Moparhydraulic lifters beforeinstallation? I mean, filling thelifter itself with oil? I am sure Iread in the M.P. Engine Manualnot to do that as it could causepiston damage. What’s thescore, E’Berg?Correct. Do not pre‑oil

On Top Of Ol’ Smokey

1970 Challenger, 440. I am havingproblems with burning oil at startup and ona steeper downhill slope, a cloud of bluesmoke, It goes away when accelerating orjust normal running. What does this soundlike to you?Valve stem seals brittle or

Fan Plan

I'm wondering if you could providesome guidance? I am installing a 2998328fan shroud in my 1973 Challenger witha 440. I’ve been using the HD clutch fansuccessfully for years but with the shroudinstalled I have about ¼" clearance from

Shrouded In Mystery

Will a fan shroud from an ’85 Dodgetruck with a slant-6 and a 4-speed fit my’85 truck which came from the factory witha 318 and a 4-speed? My truck has the 22”radiator (2 row?). I found this shroud oneBay but I’m scared to purchase it for

Diesel Wannabe

Hi Rick, ’74 Challenger. I’m running a440 with 4-Bbl, dual-plane intake, Eddieheads, TTi headers, 3" exhaust, and a0.509” purple-shaft in some really hot summerweather right now. I have replaced my180-degree thermostat with a 190 and

Hot Stuff

What is the reason for the new 5.7 literHemi R/T engine having 14.5 quartcapacity cooling systems and using a203°F thermostat? The capacity seemstoo small for an advertised 370 HPengine. The 203°F thermostat keeps theengine close to the

Cracked Up

I disassembled my 318 Magnum andfound this on the rear main , is this a casting flaw or didsomething bad happen? I know it has asmall hole, but I have never seen a rearmain with a hole that big, is it safe toreuse? Reader Magni found

Stroked and Poked

Previously, you had answered a question on smallblock stokers and mentionedrunning a 4.080˝ bore / 3.79˝ stroke engine for a long time. I have been thinking aboutthis combination as a replacement for the 318 in my ’72 Satellite Sebring

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