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I recently bought a basket case ’68 Charger. I have been putting it back together with the help of my friends Allen Brady and Scott Zimmerman; without these two guys this car would be years sitting while I figure out where all the pieces went—and I had boxes of them. It came with a brand new never-fired 440, all the cool stuff—roller rockers new Holley carb and intake, KB pistons, and there was a spare block also. The guy says it was a six-pack block. The cast number is 3698830‑440‑6. It shows in my book as being a ’73‑’78 440, but on the block it says 11‑29‑72. What does the –6 mean after 440 and could this be one of those rare six-pack blocks?

No, it can’t, because there is no such thing! It is a garden variety MY1973 440 block. Nothing wrong with it, but nothing special, either.

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