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I’m building a 273 from a ’66 Coronet to swap into a ’64 Dart convert. I’m using very slightly worked 302 casting heads from an ’87 318. I have a factory 1967 273 4-Bbl intake. It has the standard smallblock intake bolt angle, so it will bolt right on to my 302s. I figured the small cubes will like the port velocity of the small port heads more than the big port heads, and the 302s are supposed to flow well. I also have an Edelbrock Streetmaster 318 (small port). Which of these two intakes do you think will give better performance? I’m not sure of those weird tall skinny ports in the Edelbrock, and the way the plenum looks, so I decided to ask an expert. I’m on a super tight budget, and do not want a large port intake/small port head mismatch. Would you recommend a different intake to swap on later?
The convert will have 3.21 gears, Sure Grip, a 500‑600 CFM Edlebrock AVS carb, 340 cam, stock diameter tires, and 904 trans.

I like your logic—or, I would if you were using a milder cam. Especially assuming low compression, the 340 cam will kill off velocity and torque, meaning less low end, and the small runners and divided plenum of the stock manifold will kill off HP above 5,500 or so. Therefore, it sucks. Budget? Stock ‘80s 318‑4 iron manifold. Few more bucks? Stock ’68‑’70 340 manifold (only really better for easier AVS installation).
The Streetmaster is an entirely different approach, and, again, it surely can work (lots of velocity) but it would really like a milder cam, too.

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