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Mr. Richard, I have seen some of the factory blueprints you have printed before in Mopar Action. Would you have one that shows exactly where the Super Bee decal goes on the trunk of my ’71 Charger?Sure do, see below. This factory graphic

Silver Special

Were any 1965 Plymouthsbuilt painted silver? Inquiring mindsneed to know.Only the Barracuda and Valiant Signet,the paint code was N – “Barracuda SilverIridescent”. No other ’65 Plymouths wereoffered in silver. It was an extra cost coloron

Black Is Black…But Red…?

Is there a specific paintcode/color for the red in the simulatedhood vents on a 1968 Dart GTS, or willany old red do?I’m sure there was a code, but since,as I recall, these ornaments (2786672,673) were supplied pre-painted, only

Rest Easy

I have just about finished my ’63Sport Fury after a seven-yearrestification. I have adjusted theseat tracks (great design!) to fitmy oversize torso, but no matterhow I adjust them, the driver’sside back is a bit too far reclinedfor me—my

Chipped Up

I have a question about paint colors. My 1970 Challenger is B5 blue, “Bright Blue Poly”. The fender tag calls it “EB5”. Now my buddy has a ’72 Dart, also B5, which the ’72 book also calls Bright Blue. His fender tag is missing, but he

Charger Buy

Tech Question jeff lauharn, St. Peters, MO , 1971 Plymouth Satellite 383 I have a 71 Satellite, Road Runner clone. After strippingthe body for a restoration I am doing in my garage, I found more rust than Ihad hoped for at the…

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