Rest Easy


I have just about finished my ’63
Sport Fury after a seven-year
restification. I have adjusted the
seat tracks (great design!) to fit
my oversize torso, but no matter
how I adjust them, the driver’s
side back is a bit too far reclined
for me—my arms then really have
to reach for the steering wheel.
Is there a way to “un-recline” the
back without moving the bottom
part of the seat?

Yes, in fact, there was a TSB on
just this back in the day. Remove
the backrest, and drill holes (see
diagram) in the bottom of each
support arm. Drive #8 threadcutting
screws (not sheet metal
screws) into each hole, you’ll need
¾ to 1˝ long screws depending
on exactly how much adjustment
you need. I suggest hex or Torx
head screws.
Reassemble and adjust to
suit. Once you’re set, I recommend
measuring the clearance
behind the back of the screw
head and installing a washer
stack of that same dimension –
this will prevent the screw from
bending and/or thread damage.

1962-’65 bucket seats can have their backrest angle “adjusted” per a
1963 TSB. See text for details.
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