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I own a 1970 Barracuda with the Mod
Top, I bought this car in 2014. I am told
that there are stickers that should go
inside the side windows that say “Mod
Top.” Where do these go, exactly?

See the diagram below. The stickers
are placed horizontally, in the rear lower
corners of both quarter windows. The
carrier on the OEM Mopar stickers were
die-cut so they’d align with the rear
and bottom edges of the visible glass,
making assembly-line installation a no-brainer.
With repops, you will probably
have to take an educated guess, using
the factory graphic as a guide.
This exact same drawing, and procedure,
also applies to 1971 Scat Pack

Factory diagram showing placement of 1970 Mod Top and 1971 Scat Pack
graphics (inside-the-glass stickers) on E-bodies
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