Cold Rush

Tom Drewery from cold climate Ontario, Canada has owned this ’67 Plymouth Satellite for some 33 years.Not a pampered show car, this B-body gets regular workouts on the strip, while providing everyday transportation. Currently


The needles for my Fuel, Temp Amp and OilPressure Gauge in my ’69 Barracuda havestarted to swing back in forth about one graduation.Is this an indication that the voltage limiterin the fuel gauge is malfunctioning? Yes, the contacts are

(Over) Drive Time?

I have (finally) gotten my ’69 Charger R/T 440 to the point of routinely driving it (that’s what these cars are for, driving them) and am, of course, not satisfied: even with 3.23 rear gears—it’s turning 2600‑2700 RPM cruising on the

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