Rational Ratios

RATIONAL RATIOSA buddy of mine swears he had a ’71 340’Cuda with fast-ratio power steering. Ithought this option was only available on1970 AARs and T/As. is he on some kind of’70s hallucinogen-inspired flashback, or is ittrue?According to

Texas Steer

I’m putting a 1970 Coronet R/T (440-4,non-A/C) back to dead stock. One of thethings the previous owner had done was toremove the power steering. Luckily, he gaveme the correct (original) steering column andthe gearbox. But he didn’t have

Rack Your Brains

2003 Dodge Caravan. Thesteering rack is leaking. Mybook doesn’t show a pieceby piece of the rack. What isneeded and how to I seal thatthing up?If the inner tie rod bootis leaking, that’s prima facieevidence that the inner sealis leaking,

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