Rational Ratios


A buddy of mine swears he had a ’71 340
’Cuda with fast-ratio power steering. I
thought this option was only available on
1970 AARs and T/As. is he on some kind of
’70s hallucinogen-inspired flashback, or is it

According to a factory bulletin dated
January 4th, 1971, all 1971 340 ’Cudas built
after that date, and coded with the normal
power steering option (S77), would receive,
instead, the fast-ratio setup. While I have
never personally seen such a car, at least an
as unmolested survivor, the corroborating
evidence of the letter would sure tend to
give significant credence to your buddy’s
fast-fading recollections. Whether his
particular car received the goodies only the
broadcast sheet could confirm, but the
question now really becomes: How else
could have even remember it if it hadn’t
been fact? So cut him some slack. But,
keep him away from the wacky weed, just
for good measure.

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