Steered Wrong?


I bought one of those new mini power
steering boxes. I am amazed at the size
and weight reduction, and this will simplify
me installing a big block in my ’68
’Cuda. The question: Mine came with
a simple universal joint instead of the
stock-type coupling you showed. They say I must cut the steering
column shaft. What’s up…is this OK?

No. You obviously didn’t buy it from the
recommended vendor, bergmanautocraft.
com. That vendor, in consultation with
yours truly, designed a bolt-in system
using a mod’d (by Bergman) OEM pot
(plunge) coupler assembly that requires
no column hacking.
Beyond not having to hack your column,
the U-joint that the manufacturer,
and other vendors, supply is just wrong.
Not having any plunge capability (in-out
movement allowance) guarantees that one
of two things will happen: if you have a
’67-up Mopar with the collapsible column,
the plastic breakaway pins will shear off as
the car flexes over bumps, potholes, hard
launches, cornering, etc. This results in a
bit of slop and an annoying rattle. If your
Mopar is ’66-down (or, sometimes, even
if not), the upper steering column, and its
rubber insulator, will be trashed.
Possibly Bergman will sell you just the
coupler, inquire.

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