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Steering System

Steer and Hear

I just did the mod to my power steering pump in my son’s ’74 Duster. Feels much better. Only thing is I’m getting a whining sound through the steering column above 2000 RPM. I purged the system of all air. It wasn’t doing this before I

Federal Case

1968 GTX 440. What parts do I need to convert my Federal power steering pump to a Saginaw unit, so I can do the lower pressure thing for more road feel? Also how that can be done to the Federal pump? You seemed to blow doing that off to

Texas Steer

I’m putting a 1970 Coronet R/T (440-4, non-A/C) back to dead stock. One of the things the previous owner had done was to remove the power steering. Luckily, he gave me the correct (original) steering column and the gearbox. But he didn’t


On AAR /T/A E‑bodies: Do you know the effective steering ratio on those cars with the longer Pitman and idler arms used to get “fast ratio” power steering? The standard Mopar power steering ratio of those years was 15.7:1. The faster ratio

Pump It Down

Cheapskates’ guide to feeling firm. Story and photos by Richard Ehrenberg (1) Love those twisties…IF yoursteering is firm and precise. We’llshow you a lowbuck secret way toget yours up (actually, down) to snuff. QUICK FACTS•

Caravan Steering Rack

2003 Dodge Caravan. The steering rack is leaking. My book doesn't show a piece by piece of the rack. What is needed and how to I seal that thing up? Ken Melhorn Louisville, KY Ken- If the inner tie rod boot is leaking, that's

’74 Charger Tie Rods

Tech Question rick alison, Invermere, BC, 1974, dodge charger se, 440 Hi, I'm rebuilding the suspension in my '74 Charger withyour brake upgrade. While i'm at it I would like to install 11/16" tie rods.Could I order the parts I…

’70 Challenger Steering Problem

Tech Question Jake Barkley, Moose Jaw, Canada, 1970 Dodge Challenger 440 Rick, I'm doing the reassembly on a '70 Challenger 440 6pack 4-speed. The car was dropped off to me as a bare shell. This is my 5thresto. Engine & tranny…

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