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I just did the mod [Pump it Down –Ed] to my power steering pump in my son’s ’74 Duster. Feels much better. Only thing is I’m getting a whining sound through the steering column above 2000 RPM. I purged the system of all air. It wasn’t doing this before I put a shim in the valve. Any ideas why? Went too far with pressure
drop? Think I’m around .900˝.

I know what you said…. but I’m betting it is still airbound, or simply low on fluid. On a Sag, the fluid should be at least 1˝ above the bottom of the neck (assuming the older style reservoir). Either way, the dipstick is usually accurate. The bleeding is accomplished via simply turning the wheel fully to each stop several times (easier with a floor jack under the K-member). Sometimes just letting it sit for a few hours will help purge air bubbles. You did use PS fluid, not ATF, right? 900 PSI is absolutely fine (I am guessing this is what you meant by .900˝).

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