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Tommy Can You Hear Me?

The Chrysler-powered air raid siren was the loudest man-made object in 1956. Yeah, even louder than your wife. The Walter P. Chrysler Museum-restored air raid siren is powered by a 1956 180 horsepower Chrysler Industrial 331 cubic inch


So we all know the Dodge Demon is fast right? This is E'Berg's Buddy Pat who had traction problems all DAY! Even with traction issues ya gotta' check out the ET and MPH on this run. When this thing "hooks" it's gonna spin the earth on its

Harvest Cruze Connecticut

I hit up a local car show at Watertown High School in CT. This is a lil ironic for me to show up at a high school now considering they couldn’t locate me there years ago when I was supposed to be there. Anyway this was the Harvest Kruse in

Tech Not “To-Do’s”

Come on in, the doorbell is an option. Quality costs money, spend it now or later! I am pretty sure this guy wasn't firing on all 8... This Roadrunner has no idea which way to run....