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Simply Smashing

Why Chrysler destroyed 46 priceless Turbine Cars. By Steve Lehto Video grabs by Mark E. Olson/ Photos: TheBruntBros One of the very few remaining—and running—Chrysler Turbine Cars, this one owned and operated


We ride along with the Florida Highway Patrol to keep the peace on the turnpike (hey pal, you know how fast you were going?) Story & photos by Cliff Gromer Florida Highway Patrol’s chargin’ Charger takes off after a lawbreaker.

Racecar Rewind

Story and photos by Paul Stenquist Forty-one years ago, Larry traveled to Detroit to pick up the factory Hemi Dart race car at left. He campaigned it successfully on the Super Stock match-race circuit and won three UDRA championships.

Howard Hughes Chrysler

Howard Hughes drive this 1954 Chrysler New Yorker in his later years when he was living in Las Vegas Germs got you uptight? No wonder, those nasty little critters can cause all kinds of trouble. Just look at the new Carnivorous

Sticker Shock

Story & photo by Cliff Gromer Joe Oldham behind the wheel of Bill Wiemann’s Hemicuda convertible—the same one Joe tested back in the day. One of the great things (I think there are six altogether) about the Mopar hobby is the

Passing Time

Here's Johnny Pennela's cousin Enzo in this FK5 Dodge Charger! A future resto is in the works but he's having way too much fun driving this one and i can't blame him!

The Collection

Inside Steve Juliano's unbelievable collection of Mopar memorabilia. By Cliff Gromer Photos by TheBruntBros Steve Juliano has since passed on and his amazing collection of Plymouth Rapid Transit System concept cars and countless