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Got Boots?

Ram Truck brand and Lucchese launch new premium boot collection inspired by the 2021 Ram 1500 10th Anniversary Limited Longhorn Edition Truck. Two iconic brands, Ram Truck, and Lucchese, the legendary Texas-based bootmaker, have

Dodge Duty

Pete Glowinski, a Marine Corporal, currently serving in Iraq says his ’99 Dakota R/T is back home in storage, on jackstands at his duty station in New River, NC up on jackstands. Prior to storage his truck received a stock Magnum

Rapid Runner

Mark Wickens, from Winchester, IN, likes to exercise his ’69 440 Road Runner on the strip and street. Mark has owned the car, which started life as a 383, since 1990. The 440 has been dyno’d at 570 HP and 600 ft./lbs. of torque.

Before Sunrise

Kurt Petitti, from Oxford, CT bought this ’73 Go Mango 340 Challenger after it had been in a front-end crash. He fixed the chassis himself using factory frame and body prints, and his toolmaker skills to line up and weld the


Dave Vraa, from Nielsville, MN, powered his ’60 Dodge D100 with a “scrap off the garage floor” ’69 440. The race-gas motor, which has sucked up $300 of Dave’s life savings, sports a homemade ram air setup through the inner headlight

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