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The needles for my Fuel, Temp Amp and OilPressure Gauge in my ’69 Barracuda havestarted to swing back in forth about one graduation.Is this an indication that the voltage limiterin the fuel gauge is malfunctioning?Yes, the contacts are

Six-Pack Sitting Down Under

I have just bought a 1970 R/T 440 six-pack Challenger. It needs a good tune-up, been sitting for awhile 1,000 miles in 10 years, but down here in Oz it’s hard to find out about the six-pack set‑ups and exactly how the system works in

Plug Time

In a V8 Mopar with aluminum heads and aMopar Orange ECU, what is the interval ofchanging spark plugs, now that we all run onunleaded? It used to be 10,000 or so, but thatwas with points and leaded gas. Most of themileage is highway. I have

Don’t Go Near The Water

A very special 1958 Dodge Power Wagon for a very special Mo’fan. By Cliff Gromer Photos by Paul Stenquist 1958 Dodge Power Wagon rides on a custom-built frame with a driveline (trans back) from an 1986 Dodge Ramcharger 4x4.

Cookin’ ‘Cuda

SHANE KELLY’S ’71 ’CUDA is a true international exportmatching numbers B5 340 4-speed 'Cuda. Shane did thefull ground-up build himself—body, paint, mechanicalsand assembly. He also upgraded the motor, suspension,wheels and brakes—all

Chi-Town Chally

This is Lisa's Chally IN SEARCH OF ADVENTURE, Lisa Marie sought to make up for what she thought she had missed by age 14. So she embarked on a journey of self-discovery. (When our beloved tech editor embarked on a journey of

Heal My Wheel

I let my ex‑girlfriend borrow my mint ’97 Neon R/T for a few days. Big mistake. She crunched the front fascia, which I’ve replaced. But, and this is maybe more annoying, she pretty well soaked the leather steering wheel and shift knob with

In Lieu Of Lube

Do you pre-oil Moparhydraulic lifters beforeinstallation? I mean, filling thelifter itself with oil? I am sure Iread in the M.P. Engine Manualnot to do that as it could causepiston damage. Correct. Do not pre‑oil them(except for obvious

Pattern Maker

I contacted you a few years ago about a noisy 741 pig I built using well used components. I swapped it out and I am finally getting back to the project for my 1966 Belvedere II. My first attempt had the pinion too far away so I tried

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