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Hauler in the Family

Danny Welge’s grandparents purchased this 1984 DodgeRam Custom 100 new. He says he has tons of memoriesgrowing up with this truck. When Dan trained to become amechanic, he worked on the Dodge and became even moreattached to it. A few

Whizzer of Oz

Whizzer of Oz Glenn Huxley, from Wodonga, Victoria, Australia says he loves our mag but it’s a bit price at 18 bucks a copy what with the Aussie exchange rate (that’s nothing compared to the black market price in N. Korea). Glenn’s

About Time

Joe Sharkey has owned this ’67 Barracuda for 27 years. The engine is a 1956 354 ci Chrysler (1G) Hemi. Joe was 13 years old when his father let him buy an  old dragster for $50.00. During the next 50 years it all went away but he

Chromatose Challenger

Jeff Zerbe started “cleaning up” this sadmouth Challenger in 1990. Before he knew it, the car was stripped “down to nothing.” Putting it all back together, Jeff swapped out the 318 and swapped in a 340-6 out of a “busted” T/A. He

Learning Curve

When Tony Mazzeo acquired this original 440-6 ’Cuda, it was down on power. An inspection revealed that not only the motor was missing, but also the entire front end. A replacement 440 filled the void between the frame rails, and Tony

The Green Zone

Maybe you’ll turn green with envy overJames Reidel’s 2011 Green With EnvyChallenger R/T Classic, or maybe you won’t.Either way, you may appreciate all the effort thatthis Lacey, Washington, resident has put into it.The short list

Scooby Doo

Troy Montague picked uphis ’68 Dodge CoronetR/T for 15 grand back in 2005.Sharp-eyed readers can tell allis not stock with that ’69 hoodwith original scoops and ’69side scoops. Troy says he stillhas the mint ’68 power bulgehood. The

GM–Gone Mopar

Having driven nothing but GMproducts since he was 16because his father was a GM engineerfor 33 years, Roger Loutonalways had GM blood coursingthrough his veins. While attendingthe Woodward Dream Cruisein 2012, Roger was awed when

Chris Craft

Chris Morris says his ’70 ’Cuda turns heads everywhere hegoes. Must keep the local chiropractors busy. We don’tknow where he goes, but we guess it’s around his hometown ofRaymond, IL. Chris’ 440 is stroked to 500 cubes, and he says