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Horsepower Incentive

1938 was a disastrous year for Dodge truck sales. Perhaps theywould have been better if they had come equipped the wayHarvey Beers’ truck is. His Pro-Streeter packs a 440-6/ 727, and anarrowed 8-3/4˝ rear. Suspension is Troyer front and

Eat His Dust(in)

Dustin Hasse’s ’72 ’Cuda may look stock on the outside, but it runs a BES-built 417-inch, 11-to-1 stroker smallblock. The mill is hooked to a 727 spinning a PTC 3200 RPM stall converter. Dustin finsihed third in his class at the Hot Rod

Give Him An”A”

Al Greco, a retired business administration professor, located this’69 Barracuda seven miles from his home, and bought it fromthe car’s second owner. The stock Plymouth, didn’t stay stock forlong, as Al dropped in a 418 stroker that’s

Story in 10 Chapters

Here’s the cool story behind Steve Vance’s rare 1-of-50 “NASCAR 2” ’70 SuperBird. The dealer couldn’t sell it, so his wife drove it for a year, and it ended up on a used car lot.A customer traded a new 1971 Dodge Charger RT for

Action Hummel Figure

Todd and Tonya Hummel, from Hillsboro, OR, bought this ’70Challenger R/T in 1992 with 69,000 miles. The stock 383 hadbeen blown up and the 4-speed was missing. The Hummels hadto wait until ’98 to amass the money needed for the resto.

I’ll Cry Tomorrow

Jason Campbell, from Visalia, CA bought his ’68 383/727Charger last year from the original owner. The car had beensitting for 10 years, and Jason spent five of those years trying toconvince the owner to sell. He cried when Jason drove the

Muff Driver

Mrs. Muff is proud of her husband, Bob, and his one-of-a-kind "SatellBird." Bob, it seemed built the car by looking at a picture of a yellow 1970 Plymouth SuperBird on the cover of a Mopar magazine, and then estimating the dimensions

Snay Hey! Mike Snay sent us this shot of a '70 440-6 'Cuda survivor. He says the car--a one owner--was special ordered with a long list of options that include elastomeric bumpers--front and rear, leather, 8-way power seat

On The Same ‘Page

Jay Arnsperger, from Wilkes-Barre, PA. bought this Rampage, as an original 4-banger, for $700. It's amazing what some hardware sticking up through a hole in the hood can do for image. Actually, Jay backs up the looks with a

Color Me…Whatever

HERE’S ONE FOR ALL YOUSE AIRBRUSH ART FANS.Mike O’Brien, is an airbrush artist from Lethbridge, Alberta in Canada. Heruns a little business there called MOB Airbrush (you can find him on Instagramand Facebook). He says he is a big fan

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