First Car–’68 Dart


Alan Klohen answered our call for our readers’ first car. Here is his story:

“When I was sixteen in 1975, I wanted a car, any car…and talked my Dad into purchasing a used 1967 Malibu. When fall arrived the car did not like to start in the cool damp morning air. My Dad had worked as a mechanic at the Dodge Dealership in the small town of Marshfield, MO in the early to mid 1950’s. We had always had Mopars, but was able to persuade him to purchase this Chevy. Mom told me that one day my Dad drove to the High School that I attended and changed the choke in the parking lot in a effort to resolve the issue. The next thing I remember was we were in a used car dealership, Christian Motors, on St. Louis Street in Springfield, MO trading the Malibu for the 1968 Dodge Dart.
“My Dad had a new vinyl roof put on, he and I installed new seat covers. I had enough money in savings to purchase slotted mag wheels and raised letter Firestone tires. One day the next summer my Dad gave me $50 to go up to O’Reilly Automotive and purchase a set of Monroe air shocks. as I wanted a little lift in the rear, which we installed.  I had that car until 1990.”

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