Muscle Mirada


1973-85 have become known as the “Malaise” years as musclecars were emasculated by emission laws and fuel economy standards. Horsepower dropped from 400 to 200 with paint and decals replacing the lost ponies. Mike Haney from Scio, NY decided to put the muscle back—in a big way– into his malaise ’80 Mirada. Supporting the tunnelram and a dual Holley Sniper EFI system is a 572 CI Hemi with Stage V heads and rockers and an all-roller valvegear. Inside the World block are 12.7:1 Diamond slugs swung on Oliver rods connected to an Eagle crank. A relatively mild Bullet solid roller cam helps the Mirada run very nicely on pump 93 gas. The Hemi connects to a Cope billet T-Flite with Lupo converter and then back to a 3.37 Dana. Suspension is Caltracs out back with T-bars up front. When Mike puts his 750 HP/675 TQ to the ground, he’ll cover the 1/8-mile in 6.7 sec. @104 MPH.

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