Gas Engine For 2024 Dodge


Dodge has sounded the death knell of the Charger and Challenger at the end of the 2023 model year with a shift to EV in 2024. But leaked factory photos shows something very interesting. What looks to be a 2-door “Charger” but is a production version of the Daytona SRT Concept shows space for a transmission and a driveshaft tunnel. EVs, of course, don’t use either, so we’d surmise that Dodge hasn’t given up on the good old internal combustion engine. The engine bay is also clearly configured to accommodate a longitudinally mounted powerplant. Our guess is that while this car will be EV-powered there also will be a gas option, probably the “Hurricane” 3-liter twin-turbo Inline-6. We’ll keep you updated as more info becomes available.

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