Noel Sheehan from down under New Zealand, bought this ’34Plymouth Deluxe 19 years ago—about the same time hestarted reading Mopar Action. He says that we inspired him torepower this 3-owner classic with a 440/4-speed drivetrain.

No Steal

      Dodge has announced an automotive software upgrade designed to further thwart theft of Charger and Challenger models equipped with 392-cu.-in. Hemi V8 or supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V8 engines. Using the Dodge owner’s four-digit


Mark McDaniels boughtthis ’70 Dart new androlled up 224,000 miles beforeparking it in ’81. He drug it outof storage in ’96 and spent 5years and a ton of bucksbuilding it his way. “His way” isa 700+ HP 493 big block withIndy heads, a

Clone Home

Jim Brown’s “real” Challenger T/A clone (as opposed to all thefake clones that we see), started life as a 318 auto, brownwith rust interior. In the three years that Jim has had the car upin Utica, MI, he swapped in a 340-6 and 4-speed

Clancy’s Fancy

Dr. Paul Clancy, fromBloomfield, MI, says we’retough to impress, but he sayshe was determined. OK, we’refinally giving in and are runninga shot of his stock, restored ’68Hemi Road Runner. The carwas built in the Lynch Rd. plantand then

Duel In The Sun

Top end desert racing in a Gen 3 Hemi Challenger. By Scott Longman HE RODEO KING unfolds what you would want to call a Michelin road map. He smooths out the creases, pointing. “We’re here.” Then, pointing again: “Over here is the

Horsepower Incentive

1938 was a disastrous year for Dodge truck sales. Perhaps theywould have been better if they had come equipped the wayHarvey Beers’ truck is. His Pro-Streeter packs a 440-6/ 727, and anarrowed 8-3/4˝ rear. Suspension is Troyer front and

Eat His Dust(in)

Dustin Hasse’s ’72 ’Cuda may look stock on the outside, but it runs a BES-built 417-inch, 11-to-1 stroker smallblock. The mill is hooked to a 727 spinning a PTC 3200 RPM stall converter. Dustin finsihed third in his class at the Hot Rod

Give Him An”A”

Al Greco, a retired business administration professor, located this’69 Barracuda seven miles from his home, and bought it fromthe car’s second owner. The stock Plymouth, didn’t stay stock forlong, as Al dropped in a 418 stroker that’s

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