Wire Fire

I installed a stereo amp and electric fan in my ’73 Challenger which, combined, requires more juice from the alternator. I’ve installed a 130-amp alternator but wiring has me stumped. I would like to run 4 ga. wire from alternator to

Plumb My Wiring

I am trying to hook up a Holley fuel pump(electric) to my Charger (’70) and I haveplumbed it right, but their wiring instructionsare interesting but not too useful. I want tohook it up to a power source which runs onlywhen the engine is


The needles for my Fuel, Temp Amp and OilPressure Gauge in my ’69 Barracuda havestarted to swing back in forth about one graduation.Is this an indication that the voltage limiterin the fuel gauge is malfunctioning?Yes, the contacts are

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