Tune Up

I have recently purchasedan AM/FM radio with 8-track formy ’78 Plymouth Volaré SuperCoupe. I need to know wherethe wires go. I have a red forpower, then an orange for thelight. What I need is where theyellow, white, green, purple,and 2

Caravan Crisis

My sister has a 2006 Grand Caravan, sheis sure it needs a new turn signal switchand she had asked me to change it. Ido most stuff on my ‘66 Dart, but I don’twork much on newer cars, is it somethingI should attempt? The multifunction

Charged Down

I have upgraded my old points to anelectronic distributor with the ECU. Ihave also removed my generator andconverted to a 60-amp double fieldalternator and an electronic (transistorized)voltage regulator. But I am unclearhow I am supposed

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