I purchased an Ohmite potentiometer offeBay hoping I could check the gauges inmy ’69 Charger. The ad said it was a 250Ohm / 50W Rheostat unit. When I put mydigital multimeter on it, I see resistancefrom about 5 to 115 ohms. I’m not

Wire Fire

I installed a stereo amp and electric fan in my ’73 Challenger which, combined, requires more juice from the alternator. I’ve installed a 130-amp alternator but wiring has me stumped. I would like to run 4 ga. wire from alternator to

Plumb My Wiring

I am trying to hook up a Holley fuel pump(electric) to my Charger (’70) and I haveplumbed it right, but their wiring instructionsare interesting but not too useful. I want tohook it up to a power source which runs onlywhen the engine is

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