Caravan Crisis


My sister has a 2006 Grand Caravan, she
is sure it needs a new turn signal switch
and she had asked me to change it. I
do most stuff on my ‘66 Dart, but I don’t
work much on newer cars, is it something
I should attempt?

The multifunction switch on 4th-gen (RS) minivans is a cinch to
swap. The clamshell shroud pops right off (just 2 screws), then
the switch unscrews and there’s only one connector. Pie job!

Yes, easy job, much easier
than older Mopars, no need to
pull the steering wheel. Under
the steering column jacket (the
big clamshell, a/k/a shroud),
you’ll see three pinky-size
open holes, Stick a long #2
Philips screwdriver, magnetic
tip, straight in, and remove
the three screws. Remove
the bottom half of the shell,
the top can also be removed,
unless it sports a switch and/
or wiring, then just flip it up
toward the instrument cluster.
Unplug the one connector
on the multifunction switch,
and then the two screws holding
it to the column, pull it
away. Reverse the procedure to
install. Total 10 minutes, tops.
The switch is pocket
change at, P/N
1S2897, and is used on 2001–
’07 Mopar minivans.

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