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1968 GTX 440. What parts do I need to convert my Federal power steering pump to a Saginaw unit, so I can do the lower pressure thing for more road feel? Also how that can be done to the Federal pump? You seemed to blow doing that off to the Federal pump saying to junk that pump and go with the Saginaw. I know I’ll need the pump, brackets, how about the high-pressure hose, or anything else needed to convert?

If it can be done to the Federal, I haven’t scienced it out. The Federal is such an old, clunky, leaky inefficient design…my judgement stands. To swap in the Saginaw, you need the pump, pressure hose, brackets, and pulley. All this stuff is readily available, Bouchillon even offers a special pulley so you can use the later Metric pump (press-on pulley) on a big-block.

To swap to a Saginaw PS pump (dumping your F-M or TRW), you need the correct brackets and pulleys for your engine (A or B/RB), as well as the matching pressure hose. It is all readily available.
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