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The First Viper GTS-R

The first Viper GTS-R was a pilot or mule with the last 3 VIN digits “847.” Chrysler swapped the car even-Steven for a fabulous restoration/recreation by Ralph and Lynn Ronzello of Roger Lindamood’s Color Me Gone ’64 aluminum front end

Unrestored ’69 Hemi GTX

Mopar Action Article ExtraGTX-CELLENT Jim Bodanis’ 13,000-mile unrestored 1969 Hemi GTX survivor shows many details that surprised even some of the resto “experts” in the hobby. Just goes to show there’s always something new to learn.…

Six Pack Sensations

Six Pack Sensations Jim Bodanis’ Original Unrestored ’69½ Six Pack Super Bee—a closer look. Click Picture To Load Full Size Jim’s Bee shows a plethora of correct details. The ones shown here are in addition to those illustrated in the…