Nut Job


I just scored a 1966 ’Cuda Formula S. This
is my first Mopar, and, actually my first
classic car. My question is about the hubcaps.
They each have five holes that line up
with the nuts that can been seen behind the
holes. It looks stupid. I know I am missing
something; can you help me out?

Most of us call those “peek-a-boo” wheel
covers (they are not actually hubcabs, as
you will note that they cover the entire
wheel, not just the center hub area). On a
Formula S, which used 5.5˝ wide wheels
and 6.95-14 Goodyear Blue Streak tires,
the nuts need to be 23/16˝ long. They were
7/16˝ SAE thread, and the left side of the
car used LH threads, to boot. The part
numbers were 2534906, right side, and
2534907, left side.
Years ago these went for crazy big
bucks, but repros can now be had,
I found some from eBay seller frontinsweetstuff,
although he has only right
hand thread, if not done already, you
might need to change the wheel studs on
the left side of the car to RHT.
Note that lesser Barracudas and Valiants
were also available with the same
simulated-mag covers (also peek-a-boo)
on wheels only 4.5˝ wide, these used
shorter nuts.

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