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jeff lauharn, St. Peters, MO , 1971 Plymouth Satellite 383

I have a 71 Satellite, Road Runner clone. After strippingthe body for a restoration I am doing in my garage, I found more rust than Ihad hoped for at the firewall and at windshield bottom corners etc. I havefound a 71 Charger, it is banged up but very clean in these same areas, for300 dollars. I can even use the inner fender wells which I was going to buyreproductions of. I hope I’m not wrong in that they share these pieces, asthey look identical and the reference book shows they share windshields etc.Here’s my question: I looked under the rear of this Charger and thedifferential looks like a Dana, or at least it is a rear loaded diff. It wasa 318 car and I dont know what the options were on the Charger, could it bea 9.25 dana or a 7.25. It doesn’t really matter but I am still indecisive tobuy it or not. My chances of finding a Satellite near me in as good as shapeas this Charger seem remote, I’m on a budget and can’t afford to ship onefrom the dry climate states.

Thanks for any help you can give me. I hope to finish it in 2 years. Jeff.



the Charger sounds like a deal, I’d snap it up. Yes, all the stuff youmentioned interchanges, plus lots of interior bits, suspension, most glass,etc. It’s a no-brainer: buy it. What’s left after you scap what you need isstill gonna net you over $300!

The rear axle is almost certainly an 8.25″, virtually the same as what’sstill built today. Not really strong enough for a healthy 383, but OK for adead-stock 2-Bbl version.


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