I’m restoring a ’72 Plymouth Duster 340that I bought new. What color is the powersteering gear box from the factory? Is naturalcast or painted black?Bare cast iron. Some guys will satin-clearcoat it to retain close to OEM appearanceyet

T For Two–Or 2000

The previous post brought you the 50th Anniversary 1972 Mopar collection in Building Y. at the 2022 Chrysler Nats in Carlisle, PA. We now turn to Bldg. T where the theme here was Mopars in the Family. TheBruntBros, tuckered out from their

Lunch At The Y–Bldg. Y

Building Y at the 2022 Chrysler Nationals at the Fairgrounds in Carlisle, PA celebrated 50 years of Mopars by featuring a great collection of 1972 Mopes. We didn't have the room to include many of these rides in our Carlisle show

Bump It Out

Just finishing up restoringmy first car that I boughtin 1977—a 1968 Barracuda 340 fastback. I want to install a set of NOSbumperettes in the bumpers that weren’toriginally equipped with them. None ofthese cars exist in my area to size

Not A Hemi Guy

Two years ago, Anthony Nibblinsfrom FredericksburgVirginia traded in his Hemi RamSport because he was starting anew job. While he loved his truck,his new commute demandedsomething with better gas mileage.He was looking for a

Shove It In

I am working on mybrother’s survivor 1969 CoronetR/T convertible and I removedthe fuel tank to put in a new onefrom Rock Auto. Thanks for thediscount code by the way . The fillerneck gave me real problemstrying to get it out. When


1972 Demon 340. VIN isLM29H2B239266 Number onblock pad is 2B293266 – the 9and 3 are wrong. Could this bean error? Is it still considerednumbers matching?I don’t think anyone canever prove or disprove this, butmy educated guess is that

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