Rotisserie Resto

I’ve seenthose rotisseries that areused to turn the car for easyaccess during a restoration.But I’m only doing one car, my’65 Coronet 500, and I don’twant to spend all that moneyon something I’ll use once. Anyideas or suggestions for a

Profile: Steve Earwood

Outside of the sport’s founding fathers, few individuals have had a bigger impact on drag racing than Steve Earwood. By the Mopar Action Editor Photo by TheBruntBros Steve Earwood at the mic during the 31st annual Mopars at The

Logo Logic

I’ve seena design on some oldChrysler parts boxes (seebelow). What does it standfor? It is read D-P-C-P-D,and simply means “Dodge,Plymouth, Chrysler, DeSotoparts”. It was used officially onretail boxes from 1933-’36 only,but continued

Dodge Hornet

The Dodge Hornet (concept in top photo) is expected to share an architecture with the Alfa Romeo Tonale compact SUV above. Tim Kuniskis, the Dodge brand CEO, has confirmed that Dodge plans both plug-in hybrid and full electric

Showing His Stripes

In your huge libraryof illustrations and graphics,I’m wondering ifyou might have details andmeasurements for the hood/roof/trunk lidstripes for a ’66 Barracuda.I assume they were painted on(rather than decals, correct?) Iwant to paint

Dim Bulb Question

Can I change the bulbs behind the typical A‑body dash panel (mine’s a ’69 Barracuda) to obtain brighter gauges at night? How many watts are the original bulbs (GE158) and what can I use to replace them without melting the surrounding

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