Mr. Richard, I have seen some of the factory blueprints you have printed before in Mopar Action. Would you have one that shows exactly where the Super Bee decal goes on the trunk of my ’71 Charger?Sure do, see below. This factory graphic

Tin Man

TIN MANI’m restoring a ’68 Chrysler 300 2 dr, hardtop with the HP 440 T-N-T engine. I’ve got the correct turquoise engine paint and now I want to buy the right I.D. pie pan on the dual snorkel air cleaner. I’ve seen on eBay orange pans and


A Mercedes in Chrysler drag gets some big cojones. By Al Dente Photos by TheBruntBros A 1995 “Chrysler” (using that term loosely) Crossfire powered by a 5.7 Hemi engine. Now if that isn’t the cat’s teats, we don’t know what is.


Steering chuck and alignment angles upgrades for precise control. By Richard Ehrenberg Can your classic Challenger steer as well as a late-model SRT8? Uhhh, no. But we can get you surprisingly close withsurprisingly few mods—all

Rational Ratios

RATIONAL RATIOSA buddy of mine swears he had a ’71 340’Cuda with fast-ratio power steering. Ithought this option was only available on1970 AARs and T/As. is he on some kind of’70s hallucinogen-inspired flashback, or is ittrue?According to

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