Rear Ended

I read in an online magazine than small block 1966–’70 B-bodies “almost always” came with the 8¼˝ rear end, and that big-blocks “came with 8¾˝. But I had a 1970 Charger 383 2-Bbl that had an 8¼˝ (I bought it new, leftover, in 1971), I also


My 1969 Coronet (base) needs a new horn switch. I am told there are two different switches, one for use with the horn ring, and one with the small center-cap button. I need the one for the button, but seem to find only the ones for the

Chipped Up

I have a question about paint colors. My 1970 Challenger is B5 blue, “Bright Blue Poly”. The fender tag calls it “EB5”. Now my buddy has a ’72 Dart, also B5, which the ’72 book also calls Bright Blue. His fender tag is missing, but he

Derby Roller

Ray Lyon, from Derby, VT sent in these pix of his father-in-law Raymond Parenteau’s ’69 Charger which was purchased new by Raymond’s grandfather. Originally a 383 Magnum car, it is now a 498 stroker with Edelbrock Performer heads,

Hauler in the Family

Danny Welge’s grandparents purchased this 1984 DodgeRam Custom 100 new. He says he has tons of memoriesgrowing up with this truck. When Dan trained to become amechanic, he worked on the Dodge and became even moreattached to it. A few

Play It Again, Sam

“Uncle” helps build this ’Cuda with 20 years of tax refunds.Story • Al Dente • PHOTOS • TheBruntBros Christine Glinski aka the “wrench wench” sez: “You toucha my car and I breaka your face.” (Funny, she isn’t even Italian). You can’t

Whizzer of Oz

Whizzer of Oz Glenn Huxley, from Wodonga, Victoria, Australia says he loves our mag but it’s a bit price at 18 bucks a copy what with the Aussie exchange rate (that’s nothing compared to the black market price in N. Korea). Glenn’s

About Time

Joe Sharkey has owned this ’67 Barracuda for 27 years. The engine is a 1956 354 ci Chrysler (1G) Hemi. Joe was 13 years old when his father let him buy an  old dragster for $50.00. During the next 50 years it all went away but he

Big Bang Theory

Farm life and beyond in Canada in case you’re interested. STORY • JJ DeCorby PHOTOS • TheBruntBros ’70 Hemi Super Bee creates a lot of “buzz” at Mope shows. Rear is the original 3.54 Dana. Previous owner saidthe Go-Wing was added by