Numbers in Orbit

I have been searching onlinefor 1967 Satellite 383 4-Bbl4-speed production numbersand have come up with gooseegg! None of the forums, messageboards, internet searchesI’ve spent half my life browsingthrough can seem to, well,come through.

On Top Of Ol’ Smokey

1970 Challenger, 440. I am havingproblems with burning oil at startup and ona steeper downhill slope, a cloud of bluesmoke, It goes away when accelerating orjust normal running. What does this soundlike to you?Valve stem seals brittle or

Smokin’ At The Nats

No doubt that drag racing at National Trail Raceway in Columbus, OH. That was the case at the 40th running of the Nats in 2021. A crummy weather forecast for the early part of the event gave way to clearing and drier conditions which

Flying Pork

Besides mine, there is another1977 Dodge B200 van, original owner, inthese parts that claims he gets 15 MPG at75 MPH through the Cascades on I90 and Iwas wondering if it was possible.It toured the West Coast van runs as“Woody’s Whiskey

Fan Plan

I'm wondering if you could providesome guidance? I am installing a 2998328fan shroud in my 1973 Challenger witha 440. I’ve been using the HD clutch fansuccessfully for years but with the shroudinstalled I have about ¼" clearance from

Déjà Vu

Classic recreation of a bygone-era Hilborn-injected altered wheelbase ’65 FactoryExperimental Coronet. By Scot Longman Photos by TheBruntBros Tim has built about a dozen cars (all Mopars) mostly Super Stock replicas for

Shrouded In Mystery

Will a fan shroud from an ’85 Dodgetruck with a slant-6 and a 4-speed fit my’85 truck which came from the factory witha 318 and a 4-speed? My truck has the 22”radiator (2 row?). I found this shroud oneBay but I’m scared to purchase it for

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