I have a 1970 ’Cuda with the rubber frontbumper. A friend of mine just bought aGTO with what seems to be a similar frontbumper, he says it is called “Endura.” Ismine rubber, Endura, or what?It isn’t rubber, at least in the technicalsense,


I caught some of a TV show at a friend’shouse, they were restoring some Mopar.The commentator said that because itwas a 2-door hardtop, it only had two pillars,A and B. Is this correct?No. The commentator must haveassumed, wrongly,

Before Sunrise

Kurt Petitti, from Oxford, CT bought this ’73 Go Mango 340 Challenger after it had been in a front-end crash. He fixed the chassis himself using factory frame and body prints, and his toolmaker skills to line up and weld the


Dave Vraa, from Nielsville, MN, powered his ’60 Dodge D100 with a “scrap off the garage floor” ’69 440. The race-gas motor, which has sucked up $300 of Dave’s life savings, sports a homemade ram air setup through the inner headlight

Got It Covered

I bought a 1970 Charger 500 about 4 years ago. It seemed like a pretty good deal at the time, but I have since found out otherwise. I don’t regret buying the car, but it’s a little more work that I was anticipating. I keep telling myself

Shocking Development

I have a 1967 273-2 Dart with 22,000 miles, a true survivor—of sorts. While there is minimal rust, the paint is very poor. The car ran great, though, except for some minor leaks (timing cover, transmission yoke). My plan, which I have

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