How time flies—finally getting around
to doing a budget rebuild on a 5.9L
Magnum. I’m following the Power up…
Bucks down 5.9 (Feb 2014–October
2014) article series to go in my ’72
Swinger. Problem is Comp Cams tech
told me they couldn’t use the part number
200009 and spec # 24571613 numbers
to make the cam (spec number
was too old and couldn’t look it up ).
They said they needed either the serial
number or the grind number. It may
have been on the image of the cam
card included in the June 2014 issue
but resolution is just not quite good
enough to make out most of the text.
Could you possibly supply the needed
cam numbers?
I was considering instead one of
their Xtreme energy cams with slightly
shorter duration to push peak HP just a
little lower but valve lift is 0.538/0.534 and
seems like it would be tight on piston/
valve clearance. Do you have any idea of
what a safe lift might be with stock pistons/
heads’ gasket thickness?

First of all, remember that this engine was
built as a demonstration, to show what
kind of power could be made. It would be
awesome in a lightweight drag car (loose
converter, steep gears), but not so hot in a
street-strip heavier car. So, your idea of a
milder cam is smart.
The cam card is shown below.
I used checking springs for V/P clearance.
It was A-OK with the 0.500” lift. I was
a bit iffy re: stock rockers with more lift (and
the necessary valve spring) than that.

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