Bee Without Sting


I have a ‘69 Super Bee with a Proform
electronic ignition conversion kit in it.
Recently the car will just die. It will start
back up and run but on occasion die
like it loses all electricity. It started with
the tach bouncing all over the place at
idle. This happened a couple years ago
when I was running a Mopar Performance
electronic conversion kit. I was told by
a friend it was the pickup coil in the distributor
so I replaced the whole kit with
the Proform kit. Now two years later its
happening again. Any ideas?

Since, as it sounds like you have already
surmised, it is highly unlikely that the
“new” ignition systems would succumb
to an identical failure mode as did the
earlier kit, it is time to think outside the
box. Most ignition systems do not include
a coil, so I’d sure suspect that first. Failing
that, in order of likelihood:
• Corrosion/bad connection at bulkhead
• Ignition switch
• Underdash wiring problem
• Engine ground wire intermittent (right
rear of intake manifold to firewall)
I’d temporarily bypass all wiring with a
simple hot wire (batt pos to ignition system
B+ input) and drive it for a while. That
should point you in the right direction.

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