Red Hemi

I read your Hemi crate article, and was duly impressed that Barton was the new vendor. Since I am in the process of building a Hemi, I figured if Barton and Mopar Action had a formula, I could follow it and maybe add a couple upgrades like

Sky Pilot

I recently removed my slant-six to put a 361 B-engine in my 4-door ’65 Coronet with a 4-speed using a Lakewood scattershield. I am having a lot of issues with the starter shifting out of alignment and not reaching the flywheel. Are there

Brain Drain

What’s the best way to flush a cooling system at home? In my case, I’m not talking a system that looks like a chocolate shake, just something that’s been neglected in recent years. Engine is a stock ’77 440 in my ’73 Satellite wagon. I

On The Block

I recently bought a basket case ’68 Charger. I have been putting it back together with the help of my friends Allen Brady and Scott Zimmerman; without these two guys this car would be years sitting while I figure out where all the pieces

Fool Economy

I have a ’73 RR with a 383/727 combo that was rebuilt recently by a local Mopar guy. Honestly, the thing runs great—12.90s @ 108 with 3.23s in the rear, but the fuel economy absolutely sucks, like 7.5 mpg. Of course I never expected this

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