Pump It Down

Cheapskates’ guide to feeling firm. Story and photos by Richard Ehrenberg (1) Love those twisties…IF yoursteering is firm and precise. We’llshow you a lowbuck secret way toget yours up (actually, down) to snuff. QUICK FACTS•

A Mileage Melee

A friend of mine bought a used ’95 Ram pickup with the 5.9L Cummins turbo diesel. He’s getting almost 3 MPG better than my new 2010 5.7L Hemi Ram, even though mine has the MDS . I say this is because the diesel has a much higher

In Lieu Of Lube

Rick, do you pre-oil Mopar hydraulic lifters before installation? I mean, filling the lifter itself with oil? I am sure I read in the M.P. Engine Manual not to do that as it could cause piston damage. What’s the score, E’Berg?Correct. Do

May The Force Be Shaky

My son and I have been buildinghis ’85 Dodge Ram W150with a 318 and 727 TF. The truckhas 27,000 original miles on it, asit was an old Air Force truck. Heported the heads and put a largercam in it, new lifters, roller rockers,headers,

Brotherly Love

I want to replace the Generic Motors10-bolt rear end in my ’36 Dodge Brotherscoupe for an 8¾˝. Question is, in order to centerthe pinion in the driveshaft tunnel I’ll have toshorten the RH axle roughly 2 inches more thanthe LH side. Is

Bonded Not Bondo

Some years ago, Darren Ellis andhis father purchased an original 1968Dodge Charger R/T 440 that seemedto be in great shape. The HuntingBeach, CA duo had done some minorcar builds but nothing on the scale ofthis project. It went from

Hard Corps

Todd Decker bought his 2010 Challenger R/T Classic afterbeing medically retired from the Marine Corps for an injury whilein Afghanistan. Not content with keeping the car stock, theYorktown, VA veteran has gone with some dress-up items

Mon Chérie

Antoine Cocco-Géoppa wants to invite all you Mopar Action readers to party in his big house in Genoble France, after which he wants to take all of you for a ride in his 1979 Chrysler LeBaron Medallion Coupé. Tony had a second Lebaron

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