The Wheel Deal

My son has installed very wide wheels onhis 2001 Dodge 1500 pickup. They stickout way past the fenders, he says theylook cool. I have told him that the tireswill wear out quickly, he doesn’t believeme. How do I explain this to him?

Roadkill Nights

Fifth-annual ‘Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge’ Draws Nearly 50,000 Performance Enthusiasts to Street-Legal Drag Racing on Woodward Avenue   ‘Roadkill Nights Powered by Dodge' Returns Saturday, Aug. 14 — A Homecoming for Legal Street

Stacked Deck

I have owned many cars in my life,probably 20 or so, but I just got my firstMopar—a 1971 Chrysler Newport, 383.I wanted to change it to electronic ignition,which went fine, but now I want to put a 4-barrel carb on her. I bought

Rammed and Switched

I have a 1999 Ram 2500 pickup, 2WD,automatic, 177K. It runs great and usesabout 1 quart of oil between changes,which I do religiously at 4,000 miles. Last month it developed someweird electrical problems. Sometimes,when I start it, a


I purchased an Ohmite potentiometer offeBay hoping I could check the gauges inmy ’69 Charger. The ad said it was a 250Ohm / 50W Rheostat unit. When I put mydigital multimeter on it, I see resistancefrom about 5 to 115 ohms. I’m not

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