In The Lurch

I just inherited my granddad’s 1969 DodgeDart, it has a small V8 engine and threespeed floor shift. The first time I went tostart it, I guess it was in gear, becauseit lurched forward and I almost wentthrough the garage door. I assume

Slime Time

I found oil under my 383 stock intake onthe valley pan, upon removing the intakemanifold , I found the oil coming fromthe bolt hole areas. Was it loose bolts orshould I clean and seal the threads?Wishing you all the best,Seal them, use

Van Once Ran

1977 Sportsman wagon, Mopar 360 LArebuilt motor same carb as old motor. Itbackfires and pops through carb. It willnot run past idle. When throttle moved itjust takes “breaths”. 1˝ to 6-inch vacuumon motor w/ no hours on it rebuilt

Line Drawing

I need to replace all the brakehardlines in my ’64 Valiant stationwagon. I tried Stainless SteelBrakes but apparently theydon’t do early Abodies. Is thereanother source? Or should I justbuy bulk 3/16˝ stainless tube androll my own?

Rub-A-Dub Tub

…On a ’70 Super Bee, I relocated the rear springs into thelongitudinals and minitubbed it by simplycutting the center of the wheel well andmoving it into the side of the frame railthen stripping in 3 inches of sheet metaland also moving

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