Just Bushed

Are the lower control armshafts different from A/B/C? We are talkingabout the ’60-’70s models. Is the bushingthe same on all models or they differentbetween A-, B-Body and a C-body was theshafts bigger on the C versus the B or arethe same.

Brass Ones

I’m about ready to dropa 360 in my ’70 Swinger, but I still have toinstall the brass freeze plugs. My questionis how to seal them, I’ve heard everythingfrom Loctite for bearings, RTV and evenpipe dope to even dry install. Please helpme

Special K

Could you help me identify the car in the attached photo, from acrime scene surveillance camera? I believeit may be a K-Car. If it is I’d like to narrowit down some (year, make, etc.) The perpsare bad dudes who have been stealing mailand

Overdriven To Perform

I have purchased an A833 tranny ODunit, 1980 model year, my plan is it to installit behind my 440 (’73 E-body). I know thatthere is not available a big block bellhousingto accept my front bearing retainer of5.125˝. Any ideas to make the


CARB-U-RATINGA co-worker gave me 6 carburetors, 3Motorcraft two-barrels, a Quadrajet spreadbore two-barrel (never seen one like that), a WCFB, and a T-Q. After running the numberson the T-Q its off a 1973 440. Is thattoo much Carb for a

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