Ultimate Big-Block Build

Hellcat Schmellcat. Everyone is running around today with 700-1000+ horsepower. Even Top Fuel Hemis max out at around 13,000 horsepower. Well, Mopar Action is gonna blow all those wimp motors into the wees. How does 108,920 horsepower


Comedian Kevin Hart was in no joking mood after driver Jared Black put Kev’s custom ’70 ‘Cuda through a fence and down an embankment on LA’s notorious Mulhulland Drive. Kevin had bought the ‘Cuda as a 40h birthday present for

So You Wanna Be An Auto Journalist, Eh?

We get lots of requests from young aspiring writers, photog­raphers and folks running from the law on how to break into the automotive writing business. To these young car enthusiasts, writing about musclecars, drag racing, drifting and

In Search of Stoplight Drags

TheBruntBros park the Mopar Action pickup at a motel somewhere in the Midwest on their way back from California to New York. Once in a while, we just can’t resist tooting our own horn. I mean we’ve assembled a staff here that is

The First Viper GTS-R

The first Viper GTS-R was a pilot or mule with the last 3 VIN digits “847.” Chrysler swapped the car even-Steven for a fabulous restoration/recreation by Ralph and Lynn Ronzello of Roger Lindamood’s Color Me Gone ’64 aluminum front end

Mopar Madness – Palm Beach ’15

Mopar Action Show Extra Coverage Mopar Madness - Palm Beach '15 Mopar Madness - Memphis 2015 Mopar Madness - Maple Grove 2015 Mopar Madness - Thunder Mountain 2015 Mopar Madness - Rockingham 2015 Mopar Madness - Martin US 131…