The First Funny Car

The last remaining of three 1964 S/FX “Dodge Chargers” has been restored and was offered for sale with a price tag of $2 million. By Cliff Gromer Photos by TheBruntBros Vintage photos from the Frank Spittle Archives. Frank

Granny Breaks Out

Mixing Plymouth and ford results in a potent brew. Story and photos by Paul Stenquist While Mo’fans would appreciate the mostly stock sleeper look, some would shake their heads at the the lack of blackout behind the grille.

Missile Madness

The rise and fall of Chrysler Pro Stocks By Dave Rockwell Photos from the Ramchargers Archives A wide variety of snorkel designs were experimented with including this twin-outboard snorkel that showed promise.   Our final

I Have A Dream

A young Dodge designer’s take on the Challenger and Dart—take it or leave it. By Cliff Gromer Photos and illustrations from the Herb Grasse Archives Herb’s  concept for the ’71-’72 Challenger grille. Budget dictated carryover