Déjà Vu

Classic recreation of a bygone-era Hilborn-injected altered wheelbase ’65 FactoryExperimental Coronet. By Scot Longman Photos by TheBruntBros Tim has built about a dozen cars (all Mopars) mostly Super Stock replicas for

Old Skool Paint

They say that if you can remember the sixties, you really weren't there. So for the rest of us here's some of what we missed. "Psychedelic" art-- in Chrysler ads and on Chrysler racecar paintjobs--just to name a couple. The Chrysler Nats

Rapid Runner

Charles and Heidi Kline are the second owners of this 1979 Pro Street Road Runner. The Myerstown, PA couple bought this 12,000 mile one-of-a-kind ride that originally was built to go drag racing but was later repurposed as a show car.

Chrysler Marine Engine

Spend countless hours cruising the internet to see what's available from the Chrysler camp, and you never know what may pop up. That's exactly what happened when, instead of doing the job we were being paid to do, we took a few hours off

Sliced And Diced

My ’66 ’Cuda is undergoing acomplete rebuild, it’s currently onthe rotisserie. It was a 273 4-Bblwith power steering, later swappedto a 360 auto. My goal is a driverwith modern handling/braking. Itwill have a mild 360 with a 4-speed.It has


World's greatest school bus. By Cliff Gromer Amazing what you can find by trolling the internet instead of doing more important things—like your job. So one day, instead of putting together the next issue of Mopar Action or going

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