Monzter Mash

This PT dances to a different tune with a 426 Hemi under the hood. Story & photos by Cliff Gromer 2001 Limited Edition PT Cruiser really is a limited edition—the only one we know packing a 426 Hemi. Wide body package, custom

Exner’s Last Stand

1963 Chrysler 300-J—the rarest of all the 300 Letter cars. story and photos by Cliff Gromer The 300-J essentially was a ressed-up and beefed-up New Yorker with standard leather interior and special trim. Unique or Chrysler in ’63

Rare Record Ragtop

1970 factory Hemicuda convertible sets NHRA and IHRA Super Stock records. Story and photos by Cliff Gromer Restored and documented ’70 triple-black factory Hemicuda convert is one of 18 produced. Original motor went south within 6000

So Long, E.J. Potter

E.J. Potter--the "Michigan Madman." They’ve played Taps several times recent- ly for some heavy hitters in the performance world—Bill “Grumpy” Jenkins, “Big Willie” Robinson, king of the street racers, Carroll Shelby and Ralph Kramden.

Chrysler Powered

Walter P. Chrysler’s great-grandson keeps the family legacy alive. And, what’s up with Chrysler rockets? By Cliff Gromer Photos by Cliff Gromer and the Frank Rhodes Archives

Show Buster Duster

Unearthing the ’70-’71 Rapid Transit System Caravan Duster. Story and photos by Cliff Gromer 1970-’71 Rapid Transit Caravan Plymouth Duster, as it exists today (in 1971 trim.) From some front angles there's a resemblance to certain

Trailer King

Body and paint completed, the ’Cuda is rolled onto the trailer for another long journey. OUR PAL, RALPH RONZELLO, an avid Mopar Action reader sent us this story on his latest acquisition. We’ll let him tell it in his own words while we

The First Muscle Truck

The street 426 Wedge did better in trucks. Story & photos by Cliff Gromer The 426W D100 was a real sleeper. There were no exterior badges or emblems indicating what was under the hood. This truck is one of only three base ’64 HPP

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