UnHursting a Diagram


I am installing 4-speed in my ’64
Valiant, and I need to rebuild
the shifter. I have been unable to
locate an exploded diagram of
the shifter, do you know where I
could find a diagram?

Chrysler always serviced the
shifter as a complete purchased
assembly, and they never sold any
parts for it or provided any service
instructions or diagrams. I have
never seen one from any other
source—and that’s over 45 years
of keeping my ear to the ground!
That’s the bad news.
The good news is that Hurst,
now part of the B&M conglomerate,
still offers the rebuild service
that Mr. Gasket offered for years.
The price has increased significantly
though—to $250 for an
OEM shifter (see www.hurst-shifters.
com). The “factory” has been
moved from Ohio to California.
To the best of my knowledge,
Hurst, from the original
Hurst‑Campbell days in PA,
through the Sunbeam purchase
(short lived), then the 20 years
under Mr. Gasket, to the B&M
buyout, have also never offered
any internal repair parts. Your only
other alternative may be to find a
better used one.
They are not especially difficult
to disassemble (slide out the
sleeve, watch the beefy spring!),
but other than cleaning and lubricating,
you’re pretty much dead in the water.

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