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Mopar powertrain and axle questions submitted by our readers and answered by our technical editors.

Dana Dilemma

After owning Mopars since 1971, I justbought a 1967 Coronet R/T, 440, 4-speed.I took the axles out to replace the leakyseals and was surprised to see one axleis longer than the other. I have never seenthat before, please help me

Get Your Bearings

I have six B-body rear axle shafts from two ’69s and one ’70 8¾˝ rears. They all look the same length but have different style bearings. The axles out of one ’69 rear ends have the Timken style bearings and the ’70 has the totally

Pattern Maker

I contacted you a few years ago about a noisy 741 pig I built using well used components. I swapped it out and I am finally getting back to the project for my 1966 Belvedere II. My first attempt had the pinion too far away so I tried

Brotherly Love

I want to replace the Generic Motors10-bolt rear end in my ’36 Dodge Brotherscoupe for an 8¾˝. Question is, in order to centerthe pinion in the driveshaft tunnel I’ll have toshorten the RH axle roughly 2 inches more thanthe LH side. Is

(Over) Drive Time?

I have (finally) gotten my ’69 Charger R/T 440 to the point of routinely driving it (that’s what these cars are for, driving them) and am, of course, not satisfied: even with 3.23 rear gears—it’s turning 2600‑2700 RPM cruising on the

Rear Ended

I read in an online magazine than small block 1966–’70 B-bodies “almost always” came with the 8¼˝ rear end, and that big-blocks “came with 8¾˝. But I had a 1970 Charger 383 2-Bbl that had an 8¼˝ (I bought it new, leftover, in 1971), I also

Juice On The Loose

I am driving my 1972 Plymouth Satellite (360/727) again after it has been sitting for a while. It had a transmissionleak (bad freeze plug in the yoke) and Iwas dumping transmission fluid into it a lotbefore I stopped driving it. The yoke

Prime Time

I just installed a new Melling oilpump P/N M63HV on my 68 Hemi Charger.When trying to pre-prime the motor, nooil made it up the heads. I removed theoil filter and no oil is coming out of thepump. Do you have any suggestions forme before I

The Seal Deal

Please recommend a high quality threadsealant to use on the head bolts of my 1986W250’s 318. The decal on the valve covermakes it sound like this is important. (Answer): I have never used anything but light oil,so that sticker

On Top Of Ol’ Smokey

1970 Challenger, 440. I am havingproblems with burning oil at startup and ona steeper downhill slope, a cloud of bluesmoke, It goes away when accelerating or just normal running. What does this sound like to you? Valve stem seals

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