Spin Doctor


Referring to differentials, I
have heard of Anti‑Slip,
Sure Grip, Power‑Lok, Limited
Slip and all the rest. Upon
reading my broadcast sheet for
my 2005 Dakota, I find that it
is equipped with an “Anti‑Spin
Axle.” My question: What is it?
And I might add, if it is what it
says it is, it sure doesn’t work.
For instance, when taking off
from a stop on wet pavement
under even moderate acceleration,
this truck will uncontrollably
spin dangerously “out
of control.” And that’s with
practically new OEM equipped
tires—Goodyear P265/70R16
All Terrain Tires.

Anti‑spin is just another
generic name for limited
slip. Since your Dak has a
Chrysler‑built axle (8.25 or
9.25˝), this would mean an
Auburn cone‑type, spring-preloaded
As with most LSDs, it is
harder to spin the tire(s), but
when you do, the back half of
the vehicle is basically out of
control, and, while it may be
more difficult to spin the skins,
it surely is easier to spin the
truck! Luckily, recovery is as
easy as lifting, which it certainly
sounds as if you aren’t doing.
And an LSD sure helps traction
in low‑speed, low‑traction conditions
(mud, snow, etc.)

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