Drive Time


What automatic O/D transmission
would you suggest for my ’63 Plymouth
Sport Fury (440 CID), hopefully without
dissecting my floor pan or tunnel?

The choices are rather
limited. In fact, it really comes
down to one: The modified
4L60E from Silver Sport Transmissions
(formerly Keisler).
Keeping the pushbuttons,
however, would be a challenge. You’d
need a modified shifter from Imperial Services
(assuming you can coax Steve into
building you one.) Even then, I’m not sure
how it would work with the extra detent
position. Somewhere, I’m sure somebody
could modify the pushbutton setup to
electronic operation, with a servo controlling
the tranny’s shift lever — but you are
on your own with that.

The only overdrive big-block
tranny that will fit a muscleera
Mopar with little or no
cutting or hacking is the
Keisler-re-engineered 4L60E,
now sold by
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