Manifooling Around

I picked up a set of SB Hi Po exhaustmanifolds at the Nats. It is for my ’71’Cuda 340 for when I put it back in mynumbers matching car. The manifoldsI picked up are 1973 Hi Po exhausts.Is there much performance differencebetween the ’73 Hi

Rebolting Situation

My buddy tells me you have all the factoryblueprints. Can you show me the onefor a ‘68 Super Bee’d grille?Sure, see below. But every factory blueprint? I wish! Mostly late ’60s and early ’70s B-and E-bodies.

Best Bezel

Would I be able to use the chrome taillightbezels from a GTX on my Belvedere? Thecar is a 1967. I wouldn’t mind using theBelvedere bezels, but mine are junk andI have seen NOS bezels that are reallyexpensive and the alternative is using

Keeping His Cool

I am still restoring a big block ’70Challenger and putting the original A/Csystem on it. I bought a suction/mufflerass’y line supposedly for a big blockthat has the muffler near the compressorend. I believe I remember the BB lineactually

Signals Crossed?

I recently bought a 1968 Coronet 500, 383.It is a reasonable-condition survivorwith only 72K on the clock, whichappears accurate.My question pertains to the blinkers.My 1969 Road Runner, which I ownedfrom 1972 to 1980 (never should

In The Grip

I have a Sure Grip made in 1967. I took it apart andall looks good including theclutches. The two outboardclutch plates look to be concaveinstead of flat. Is this aflaw, or is it this way by design.Design. See drawing below. Exploded

It’s A Wrap

II was readingyour most recent articleon the 400+HP 5.9L last nightand your comment about tryingto get rid of the power steeringpump sparked a memoryfor me. I saw a drag truck inSeattle many years ago thatI snapped pictures of, and

Trans Travesty?

In what model year didbig-block V8 Chrysler cars have the first4-speed manual trans? I do not mean theFrench Pont-A-Mousson rig in the 1960Chrysler 300F.I’m aware that Chrysler’s own A-8334-speed came out for model year 1964. ButI also

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