Boring Question

Recently I gave my brother a‘76 318 to put in his ‘64 Plymouth. Upontearing it down we found a huge gouge in acylinder wall. My question is: Can that blockbe bored completely out and have a set ofsleeves in the 4.00 to 4.20 range

Tell Me A Choke

I have a ‘68 Plymouth ‘Cuda I’m wondering what possible reasonsthere are for my engine running way better in warm weather (68° F and up) and crappy when it’s cold out (45° F in the morning).The engine is bone stock except I’m running a

Juice On The Loose

I am driving my 1972 Plymouth Satellite (360/727) again after it has been sitting for a while. It had a transmissionleak (bad freeze plug in the yoke) and Iwas dumping transmission fluid into it a lotbefore I stopped driving it. The yoke

Prime Time

I just installed a new Melling oilpump P/N M63HV on my 68 Hemi Charger.When trying to pre-prime the motor, nooil made it up the heads. I removed theoil filter and no oil is coming out of thepump. Do you have any suggestions forme before I

The Seal Deal

Please recommend a high quality threadsealant to use on the head bolts of my 1986W250’s 318. The decal on the valve covermakes it sound like this is important. (Answer): I have never used anything but light oil,so that sticker

On Top Of Ol’ Smokey

1970 Challenger, 440. I am havingproblems with burning oil at startup and ona steeper downhill slope, a cloud of bluesmoke, It goes away when accelerating or just normal running. What does this sound like to you? Valve stem seals

Sliced and Diced

SLICED AND DICEDMy ’66 ’Cuda is undergoing acomplete rebuild, it’s currently onthe rotisserie. It was a 273 4-Bblwith power steering, later swappedto a 360 auto. My goal is a driverwith modern handling/braking. Itwill have a mild 360 with

Made In Detroit

Mr. Ehrenberg, I just helped a friend of mine take apart a 1964 Barracuda, 225, with 11,724 original miles. Unfortunately, even though the interior is quite good, the body has a fair amount of rust, hence the disassembly. We are trying to

C-Body Stub Frame Swap

I have been searching around for tech info on how to change out the sub frame on my ’66 Polara 880 (318 Poly), but it seems pretty elusive. I have been told it is a pretty easy thing to do but no one has recorded this. Any help would be

Fan Plan

The 318 engine in my ’69 Barracuda coupe did not come with a thermal fan clutch. Would this be a simple installation? —Ed Williams, Las Vegas, NV Ed— Sure, the drive just bolts on, with the appropriate blade assembly. If you currently have