Tan Is The New Black?

I was at a car cruise the other night withmy ’64 Valiant Signet, 273 two-barrel. Ithas been in my family since new, and,while certainly not a show car, I have triedto, in the 20 years that I have been incharge of it, keep it in good

Filter Fan

My 1967 Coronet, 426 Hemi, needs anew air filter element, the shop that wasdoing some work on it for me threw it out,telling me to “pick up a new one—it wasdirty”. I have been unable to find one.Can you give me the parts number


I bought a 1972 Charger, shell only, a fewyears ago. It was a U-code, 4-speed car.OK, I have been gathering parts for 3years and am now assembling it. I foundan 18-spline correct A833 (dual shifterbosses) and a pistol grip shifter

Lane Change

Y My grandfather has a 1968 Dodge Coronet440, 318 engine, 4-door, automatic.I am now allowed to drive it sometimes.My father has a ’69 Charger which I havealso driven.The Charger, when you put on thesignal blinker, it clicks into

Manifold Madness

I am finishing up a 1969Dart GTS (340). I am toldthat the exhaust manifoldswere painted along with theassembled engine, but howdoes the paint not burn off?How does this get handled?Yes, the manifolds, alongwith the left side gasket


I need some clarification on a 1970Dodge Challenger R/T SE. The one Iam looking at has a VIN that beginsJS29N0B, but I thought that JS means aplain R/T model? What am I missing?For 1970 this truly was a bit confusing.Here’s how it played

Gear Stripper

How did that 3.09:1 low A833 gear sethold up in the Green Brick, behind thestroker 340 you ran in the One lap ofAmerica Valiant? The reason I ask isbecause my ’69 Dart Swinger 340 fourspeedcar has a set that I put in yearsago and it has

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