I have a 1970 ’Cuda with the rubber frontbumper. A friend of mine just bought aGTO with what seems to be a similar frontbumper, he says it is called “Endura.” Ismine rubber, Endura, or what?It isn’t rubber, at least in the technicalsense,


I caught some of a TV show at a friend’shouse, they were restoring some Mopar.The commentator said that because itwas a 2-door hardtop, it only had two pillars,A and B. Is this correct?No. The commentator must haveassumed, wrongly,

Got It Covered

I bought a 1970 Charger 500 about 4 years ago. It seemed like a pretty good deal at the time, but I have since found out otherwise. I don’t regret buying the car, but it’s a little more work that I was anticipating. I keep telling myself

Shocking Development

I have a 1967 273-2 Dart with 22,000 miles, a true survivor—of sorts. While there is minimal rust, the paint is very poor. The car ran great, though, except for some minor leaks (timing cover, transmission yoke). My plan, which I have

‘Cuda Been Truckin’

Over the years, I have seen original 1969Barracuda Formula S’ truck finish panelsrise in price from several hundred dollarsto over $2300 at swap meets like Carlisle.Metro Parts Co. advertises their “All new”Finish Panel for $465. Have you

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