Not Horny

I’m working on a 1960 New Yorker. Oneof the issues I’m having trouble with isgetting the horn to work properly. Contactwheel, relay wiring are all OK to thecolumn itself. As a matter of fact, whenyou take the turn signal switch fromthe

What’s The Diff?

What was the differential size(s) in hot1961-1964 Dodges and Plymouths—forexample, the Max Wedge cars? TheRamchargers always used 4.56 Sure-Grip rears, but the size was never mentioned.They all used the ubiquitous Chrysler built8.75˝ ring

Flickering Out

I think I’m having a ground or switchproblem on my ‘69 GTX. When I turn theheadlight or park light switch on, 30-40%of the time my dash lights are dim andmy directional lights on the dash and high beam lightsilluminate, not bright but

Slop Meet

I have a ’68 Coronet, 318, 72K. It is 100%original. The steering was very sloppy, Ifound that the pitman arm small-end nutwas loose allowing the stud to wobble.Tightening that helped a lot, and everythingelse underneath seems tight, butthe

Furryous Braking

My car is a 1967 Fury III convertible. Iwould like to know which would be thebest disc brake conversion kits to use toreplace the 9˝ manual drums? My fathergot the car new. I have 16˝ ARE rimsthat clear on the car from a 1970 ’CudaI was

Wiper Diaper

The wipers in my 1999 B2500 conversionvan quit. I followed the service manual procedure (delay wipers) andgot nowhere. Any ideas? Need this fixedcheap and fast!Try this: Turn the wiper switch on, andmeasure the voltage (or use a

Clutch Hitter

I have just gotten my 1973 Challengerrunning. It was a 318 automatic car, now Ihave a 340 and 4-speed installed. I boughtmost of the parts used at swapmeets andsuch, I am on a tight budget.One problem: The clutch pedal wantsto hang on the

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