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Technical questions about Mopar builds, repairs, and anything else Mopar.

Wiper Diaper

The wipers in my 1999 B2500 conversionvan quit. I followed the service manual procedure (delay wipers) andgot nowhere. Any ideas? Need this fixedcheap and fast!Try this: Turn the wiper switch on, andmeasure the voltage (or use a

Clutch Hitter

I have just gotten my 1973 Challengerrunning. It was a 318 automatic car, now Ihave a 340 and 4-speed installed. I boughtmost of the parts used at swapmeets andsuch, I am on a tight budget.One problem: The clutch pedal wantsto hang on the

Dampened Enthusiasm

I bought a 1968 Coronet, 383, that hasbeen sitting for at least 25 years. I am tryingto get it running. I know the gas tankis beyond hope, so I installed a new fuelpump and ran a hose to a gas can. It sortof ran, lots of sputtering and

Whale Binders

Do ya have, by any freak chance, one ofyour famous engineering blueprints forthe front disc brakes on a ’68 Imperial? Iam gathering parts to swap mine to discs.Actually, the factory parts catalogand service manual aren’t bad, but the


The headlights in my 1969 Barracudahave recently started to blink on and off.It seems to be worse when the brightlights are on back roads. What couldcause this?The headlamp switch is shot.All h/lamp switches used in muscle-eraMopars had


A guy I know gave me a mint radiatorwhich he swears is from a big-blockB-Body, it looks sweet. I want to use itin my ’74 ’Cuda which will be getting astroked 440. I have installed radiator panels(both sides, from AMD) for a 26˝ radiator.I

Coronet 440-340

We have a 1968 Dodge Coronet 440 2drhardtop with 57,000 actual miles. It has a318 with 2-barrel carb, and automatic. Itruns great, just a cruiser. We’ve changedthe gears from 2.76 to 3.23, Sure-Grip.I have a 1973 stock 340 engine in needof

Night Light

A misguided acquaintance of minerecently bought an expensiveforeign (Japanese) “performance”sedan. He couldn’t wait to takeme for a ride. Surprise, I wasn’t atall impressed. My 440 R/T wouldsuck the headlights out of it ina second.

Tronix Tricks

I have heard pros and cons about thePertronix kit to change old Mopar distributorsover to electronic. I like the ideathat it is all hidden.What sayeth the old master?Well, it is better than breaker points in thatthe sparking, arcing,

No Whine Before It’s Time

I just bought a 1966 Barracuda, 273 twobarrel.It is my second Mopar and the firstfor me with a four-speed transmission,and that’s what I want to ask you about.It shifts fine except, sometimes, it ishard to shift into reverse, although itis

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