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Technical questions about Mopar builds, repairs, and anything else Mopar.


SURVIVOR?I recently bought a ’66Plymouth Satellite from theoriginal owner. I found this carin Old Cars Weekly News &Marketplace for $500. It’s beensitting in a garage since 1967so it looks really nice but it hasa couple of good sized

Logo Logic

I’ve seena design on some oldChrysler parts boxes (seebelow). What does it standfor? It is read D-P-C-P-D,and simply means “Dodge,Plymouth, Chrysler, DeSotoparts”. It was used officially onretail boxes from 1933-’36 only,but continued

Showing His Stripes

In your huge libraryof illustrations and graphics,I’m wondering ifyou might have details andmeasurements for the hood/roof/trunk lidstripes for a ’66 Barracuda.I assume they were painted on(rather than decals, correct?) Iwant to paint

Dim Bulb Question

Can I change the bulbs behind the typical A‑body dash panel (mine’s a ’69 Barracuda) to obtain brighter gauges at night? How many watts are the original bulbs (GE158) and what can I use to replace them without melting the surrounding

Red Hemi

I read your Hemi crate article, and was duly impressed that Barton was the new vendor. Since I am in the process of building a Hemi, I figured if Barton and Mopar Action had a formula, I could follow it and maybe add a couple upgrades like

Sky Pilot

I recently removed my slant-six to put a 361 B-engine in my 4-door ’65 Coronet with a 4-speed using a Lakewood scattershield. I am having a lot of issues with the starter shifting out of alignment and not reaching the flywheel. Are there

Brain Drain

What’s the best way to flush a cooling system at home? In my case, I’m not talking a system that looks like a chocolate shake, just something that’s been neglected in recent years. Engine is a stock ’77 440 in my ’73 Satellite wagon. I

On The Block

I recently bought a basket case ’68 Charger. I have been putting it back together with the help of my friends Allen Brady and Scott Zimmerman; without these two guys this car would be years sitting while I figure out where all the pieces

Fool Economy

I have a ’73 RR with a 383/727 combo that was rebuilt recently by a local Mopar guy. Honestly, the thing runs great—12.90s @ 108 with 3.23s in the rear, but the fuel economy absolutely sucks, like 7.5 mpg. Of course I never expected this

Sick Six

I rebuilt my ’70 T/A’s 340 Six-Pack engine a while ago, and it’s never run right. Everything is stock, except the cam is a purple shaft 0.484˝/284°. I've put about 2000 unhappy miles on the thing thus far. The carbs were rebuilt, but the

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