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Technical questions about Mopar builds, repairs, and anything else Mopar.

T-Rex (T is for Trash)

This is not a tech question, but I’m sureothers have wondered what to do with theold original parts. I have a 1956 PlymouthSports Suburban that I recently installed a5.7 Hemi with the 5-speed auto and an 8¾˝.People have told me to keep the

Sticker Bee

I have just finished paintinga 1968 Super Bee hardtop, 383. I hadbought it in 2007 from the family of thesecond owner, who died while restoring it. Itis a code 318 bumblebee stripe delete car.What I’m trying to find out is: What

Bumped Up

I’m in the middle of rebuilding my 1971Super Bee. My question is about the rearbumper brackets. The bumper I removedwas a ’72-’74 with the notch cut out for thebumper jack tongue. I need to know if thebrackets are ’71 or newer. The only


Where can I buy a replacementfan shroud for my 1967Barracuda? It has a three-row22-inch radiator that I believe isoriginal (it came with air conditioning).The engine stays cool Hoffman’s Winners Circleoffers this repop 1968 22˝

Colored Rubbers

I just purchased a1969 Valiant 200 4-door froman estate sale. It is super-clean,225 CID, automatic, with 37,000miles on her. It drives nicely, butI do have one question aboutthe interior. It has rubber floor mats, not carpet, and the

Not A Honker

Can ’70 ’Cuda horns be rebuilt? I testedmine by applying 12V to them(individually). One worked andone didn’t. Is this the correctway to test them? If they cannotbe rebuilt, who sells them? Ihave checked numerous companiesand haven’t found

Paint It Black

I have two questions for you ifyou would be so kind to helpme…again. What pressure radiatorcap goes on my ’69 RoadRunner with a 383 and AC, andthe center hood latch support(the part that the grille screwsto) is that body color or flatblack

Leak Check

My ’65 Valiant Signet (225)has a heater core that’s leaking.Where can I find replacement/repair instructions?Repairs to the core itself consistprimarily of soldering up theleaks; your local radiator shopcan do it. If there’s anythingleft

Winter Wonders

I didn’t have the time to getmy new crate 408 LA into my truck. As it issalt season here it probably won’t go in untillate April. It hasn’t run since early July whenit was broken in and dynoed. What do yousuggest to winterize it? And

Fine Corinthian Clutch

Am I on my own for coming up with aclutch pedal for a retrofit of an A833 or aTKO into my 400 CID ’76 Cordoba, or perhapsa ’74 B-body setup might fit? Wishfulthinking here. Of course I’d be goinghydraulic.’73-’79 B-bodies are all the

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