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Technical questions about Mopar builds, repairs, and anything else Mopar.


Your tech columns have been invaluableto me in my build. The route I’ve takenwith my 1968 Plymouth Sport Satellite, built451˝, from day one is improved handlingwhile running 15˝ wheels/tires. I currentlyrun Magnum Force 2˝ drop spindles

The Squeal Deal

I have a ’74 Fury witha 400-4 and A/C. Recently, I changed thealternator and compressor belts, and nowthey squeal. I know you have a fix!Your ’74 used two belts in tandem todrive the alternator and compressor. Backin the day, Mopar

Faster Plane

In my ’71 Duster I currently run a1970 stock compression 340 with portedJ-heads, a Comp. XE284H cam, an EdelbrockAirgap intake, Ed 800 CFM carb,3500 stall TCI, and 3.91:1 gears. I onlystreet drive it but usually pretty hard,always redline.

Watery Cam

Can I put hydro lifters and cam in my318A poly (’61 Dodge Phoenix)? If so, fromwhat motor?If you mean some other OEM/stockhydraulic cam, none that I’m aware of(the order if I/E lobes was changed in LAengines), and I see none in any

Hot Wheels

I just bought a 2000 B2500318 van, it has 16 x 6.5 eightlugstock steal wheels. Do youknow if 16 x 8˝ wheels withsay 245-75/16s will fit on thisvan? It is a great truck but thestock wheels seem kinda small. Steal wheels, huh? Those are

Pedal Pusher

Thanks for all thepointers in my ’72 Dart (340,904 Auto, 11.75 front rotors,10.5 inch rear drums, manualstock master cylinder, Firm Feellevel 2 power steering box, FFI1.25˝ front swaybar, and spoolK-member.I have done the big

It’s A Wrap

I was readingyour articleon the 400+HP 5.9L last nightand your comment about tryingto get rid of the power steeringpump sparked a memoryfor me. I saw a drag truck inSeattle many years ago thatI snapped pictures of, and Iremembered that he

Brass Ones

I’m about ready to dropa 360 in my ’70 Swinger, but I still have toinstall the brass freeze plugs. My questionis how to seal them, I’ve heard everythingfrom Loctite for bearings, RTV and evenpipe dope to even dry install. Please helpme

Special K

Could you help me identify the car in the attached photo, from acrime scene surveillance camera? I believeit may be a K-Car. If it is I’d like to narrowit down some (year, make, etc.) The perpsare bad dudes who have been stealing mailand

Overdriven To Perform

I have purchased an A833 tranny ODunit, 1980 model year, my plan is it to installit behind my 440 (’73 E-body). I know thatthere is not available a big block bellhousingto accept my front bearing retainer of5.125˝. Any ideas to make the

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