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Adoring Wife

I am resto‑modding my 1969 Dodge Coronet 440 (2-door hardtop). I am in need of a passenger door for my car. Recently my wife read that a 1968 Coronet 2-door hardtop would interchange with the I was wondering if she read correctly.Yes, she

Rotisserie Resto

I’ve seenthose rotisseries that areused to turn the car for easyaccess during a restoration.But I’m only doing one car, my’65 Coronet 500, and I don’twant to spend all that moneyon something I’ll use once. Anyideas or suggestions for a

Imperial Pain

IMPERIAL PAINHi Rick, Hope you can help with afrustrating drivability problem with thegirlfriend’s 1972 Imperial, 440, all stock.After about 20 minutes of normal drivingit starts idling rough and then stalls. Itis then very hard to start,

About Time

Joe Sharkey has owned this ’67 Barracuda for 27 years. The engine is a 1956 or 1957 354 ci Chrysler Hemi. Joe was 13 years old when his father let him buy an old dragster for $50.00. During the next 50 years it all went away but he

Harvest Cruze Connecticut

I hit up a local car show at Watertown High School in CT. This is a lil ironic for me to show up at a high school now considering they couldn’t locate me there years ago when I was supposed to be there. Anyway this was the Harvest Kruse in

Tech Not “To-Do’s”

Come on in, the doorbell is an option. Quality costs money, spend it now or later! I am pretty sure this guy wasn't firing on all 8... This Roadrunner has no idea which way to run....

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