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Nine Lives Of Neon

Passenger side shows fire damage and impact damage from Ford truck. Neon’s excellent impact protection minimized the damage while the Ford had to ride a tow truck home.   John Self himself. We’ve all heard about a cat having nine

The First Viper GTS-R

The first Viper GTS-R was a pilot or mule with the last 3 VIN digits “847.” Chrysler swapped the car even-Steven for a fabulous restoration/recreation by Ralph and Lynn Ronzello of Roger Lindamood’s Color Me Gone ’64 aluminum front end

360 Head Gaskets

Tech Question steve collins, Hauppauge, NY, 1980 dodge D300 p/u 360 I had bought this dodge D300 Dully with the original 360 and 42000 miles in 2003. It now has about 45000 miles. I use it for towing to the local track here on Long…

’73 Charger Electronic Ignition

Tech Question Todd Pharris, New Plymouth, ID , 1973 Dodge Charger 318 My question is about the electronic ignition on my '73Charger. My 318 has an Accel Super Coil and the stock 5-pin ECU...and it hasproblems frequently! I need to…

’08 Hemi Challenger

Mopar Action Article Extra STRIP TRIP An engineering team, headed by John Matterazzo, built the 2008 392 Hemi Challenger from scratch, in record time. They started with a bare plastic shell, and had to fabricate a zillion pieces,…