Lotsa Loch


Mike Loch picked up this 2010 Challenger SRT with 330 miles off a dealer’s lot when the previous buyer decided he wanted an ’11 model with the 392 before this special order Challenger arrived at the dealership. That was just fine with Mike who got a super deal on the car. Planning on upping the horsepower, Mike traveled from Lake City, Fla. to Dyno Tuner Performance in Virginia. The car came in making 360 RWHP and left with a blower (8PSI) making 550. A year later, Mike had Arrington turn the Hemi into a fully forged 426 and a 2.8 LC Kenne Bell blower (16 PSI) for 782 ponies and 830 TQ at the wheels. Chassis upgrades included a 3-stage Hop Not kit and DSS 1400 HP axles. A 1000HP McLeod clutch replaced the toasted stock unit and Hotchkis front and rear swaybars helped out with handling. Mike hopes to run the Texas Mile and break the 200 MPH mark without breaking parts.

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