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Joe Sharkey has owned this ’67 Barracuda for 27 years. The engine is a 1956 or 1957 354 ci Chrysler Hemi. Joe was 13 years old when his father let him buy an old dragster for $50.00. During the next 50 years it all went away but he held on to the engine. When Joe retired up in Fulton, NY decided it was time to do something with the Hemi or they would be burying it with him. This is the result. Joe had the mill bored .030 over and ground the crank .010 under to make sure everything was straight and true. The bottom end is stock. Heads are also stock and it has a .485” lift hydraulic cam so it has a nice thump to it. The ‘Cuda sits on a custom 2×3” square tube frame with ladder bar setup. The rear is a 4.10 Dana SG with disc brakes from S&W Race Cars. The A833 transmission that came with the car stayed with it. The front end is a kit supplied from Speedway. All paint and body work was done by Saved From The Grave Rods and Restorations in Camden NY. Total time for the build was about 3 years when it finally started rolling. All told, it was a 50-year project. Money spent is totally irrelevant, says Joe, as the car’s name is All Dollars/No Sense. (Gee, this guy should be writing titles for us.)

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